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10 Gifts for Woodworkers That Make the Cut

Buying for that woodworker and handyman in your life isn’t always easy. Without knowing much about woodworking it can be difficult to know what they do and do not need.

To help you out, we put together these 10 gift ideas for the woodworker in your life, as well as a woodworking gift guide so you can make sure you are buying the very best gift possible.

By the end of this article, you should have no trouble deciding on a woodworking gift.

The Best Gift Ideas for Woodworkers for 2023

1. Safety Woodworking Push Block And Stick Package

Push block and stick package

This push block and stick package gives your novice woodworker all of the items they need to keep their fingers and limbs safe and not needlessly exposed. These items are a must for any woodshop. They help one retain a good hold while guiding wood for sawing and cutting and lets you keep firm downward pressure while staying completely safe. The l-shaped stick lets you put your entire work piece through the blades.

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2. DeWalt Workbench

heavy duty dewalt workbench

Work better and in more comfort with this heavy-duty DeWalt workbench. The folding workbench lets one get to work anywhere in only a minute. The table provides a large work surface with holes for easy clamping.

Its metal legs are said to be able to support over 1,000 lbs. and should provide more than enough durability for even the toughest woodcraft jobs. The opening handle can be used to hang tools, and all of this folds back up into a nice compact size.

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3. Norton ProSand Sandpaper

high quality sandpaper

Sanding is an important aspect of woodworking and high-quality sandpaper makes this part of the job just that much easier. Avid woodworkers will always be needing sandpaper replacements and these options offer longer durability and sanding life than your typical sandpaper. The secret is said to be heat-treating the sandpaper, which helps it to keep abrasive and last longer under difficult usage.

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4. Milwaukee Cordless D-Handle Jig Saw

Powerful brushless motor

Milwaukee power tools are highly regarded for their quality, and if the woodworker in your life is already utilizing Milwaukee tools and batteries then this purchase is a no-brainer. (You may want to get a DeWalt version if they already have those tools and batteries.) This powerful brushless motor is powerful and reliable and will make sort work of even the most intense sawing tasks.

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5. DeWalt 7-1/4 in. Cordless Miter Saw Kit

High Quality power tool miter saw

DeWalt is another brand of high-quality power tools, and this miter saw is a great addition to any woodworking arsenal. This package comes with everything you need to make fantastic cuts, as well as a material clamp, battery, and charger, as well as a carbide blade. The stainless steel miter detent plate has 11 positive stops so each cut can be made with extreme precision. Each battery is said to be able to handle 275 cuts of 3 and 1/4 inch pine.

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6. Stanley FatMax Measuring Tape

Tape measurer

Getting the basics correct is paramount, improving on them is art. This tape measure is a high-quality version of the basic tool every woodworker should have. If you are looking to find a stocking stuffer or add a useful side-gift for a loved one who’s into woodwork, a new tape measurer is never going to be a bad choice.

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7. C.H. Hanson Norse Table Saw

Corded table saw

This Corded Table Saw from Ace Hardware includes a stand that lets you cut larger wood pieces, as well as table extensions to push it even further – very versatile and handy in a pinch.  The saw itself includes a miter gauge and a 24 tooth blade so you can start making cuts right away. Blade Guard and rip fence are also included.

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8. Olympia Tools 15in. Box Saw

Saw hand tool

Another tried and true classic made to perfection, this handsaw is your standard version of a saw hand tool. This 15” saw is a nice compact size so it will fit inside of most standard toolboxes, but is large enough not to interrupt the sawing stroke. The saw comes with a non-slip grip and is made with a tempered and hardened saw blade.

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9. Stanley 11-Piece Screwdriver Set

11 piece set of screwdriver

Every good woodworker needs a screwdriver, so make sure they have all the basics covered. This is an 11-piece set that will ensure there is not screw that they won’t be able to handle. Even if they already have a pretty full tool chest, quality replacements, especially with a set this diverse will always be welcome.

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10. Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer and Chisel Set

Air Hammer and Chisel Set

This air hammer and chisel set comes with everything you need for cutting, chipping and scraping surfaces. While this tool is generally used in metalworking, it can be used to form and work dense woods that would otherwise be too unwieldy.

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A Guide to the Best Gifts for Woodworkers 

Focus on the basics first

Whether planning for DIY woodworking projects or avid professionals, you will want to focus on the basics. When it comes to any art form, the artist can be very specific about their more specialized tools. But if you are able to get a lead on the correct bandsaw, for example, then go for it. It is actually going to be better to help them keep a quality glue bottle or branding iron than to help them find the exact right wood chisel.

With that said, most of the tools on our list are relatively inexpensive, and offer a great entryway into more complex woodworking efforts.  A Japanese pull saw is a solid example of this.

Power tool batteries are very proprietary 

You will want to purchase the power tools from the brand which the recipient is already using batteries and items. Each brand has proprietary accessories, and nobody wants to have to buy a double set of those expensive batteries. There is nothing worse than needing to buy six expensive batteries just to use three power tools for a full day. Consider a replacement battery or gift card for batteries since this can also get expensive.

You can never have too many clamps 

This is a classic saying in woodworking and it holds true: You can never have too many clamps. These ensure that every job is just a little less annoying. Rather than a T-shirt for a Christmas stocking stuffer, go out and get them a few high-quality clamps.

The Best Gifts for Woodworkers You Can Buy Today! 

This list and guide to woodworking tools and gifts should have helped you to narrow down your search and really find one or two items you know they will love. The best part is, even if you have an event coming up in the near future, you can order everything on this list today.