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10 Best Gifts for Musicians Guide

10 Best Gifts for Musicians Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

When you are trying to find a gift for musicians, you may have difficulty finding exactly where to go. Musicians can be fickle and off-beat, and it can be especially challenging when you want to find something exceptional for that unique musician in your life.

To help you out, we have put together this quick gift list and guide that will help you find great gifts for all types of musicians. This list includes practical ideas for software, gadgets, and instruments for the musically minded, and the short guide will help you think about how to approach buying items for musicians.

The Best Gift Ideas for Musicians for 2023 

The following are perfect music gifts you can order today.

1. Total Studio 2 Deluxe

IK Multimedia gadgets page

Many of today’s top artists are DIY produced with little more than a few gadgets and some musical gifts. Studio 2 Deluxe gives you everything you need on the software side to create a radio-ready master of your own song. This is professional-level software at a tenth of the typical price.

Ikmultimedia.com also has plenty of other quality audio software items such as physical modeling drum virtual instruments giving the tech-savvy musician or songwriter a whole range of options to enhance their sound quality and creation choices.

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2. Folk & Traditional Instruments

Relatively inexpensive folk instrument

Musicians love music, and they tend to love to learn new instruments and test their abilities. Getting the musician in your life a high-quality and relatively inexpensive folk instrument, like a ukulele or mandolin, makes for a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift.

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3. Yamaha MusicCast 20 Wireless Speaker

Portable speaker Yamaha MusicCast System

There are a lot of portable speaker options available today. The best, of course, are going to be Bluetooth speakers. While many have been opting for the Amazon Alexa and its decent sound output, a better choice for playing your favorite songs through the house is going to be the Yamaha MusicCast system. It also has a better privacy track record.

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4. Vinyl Records

Vinyl Nirvana record

The vinyl record is hardly a retro novelty. It has shown itself to be the one form of physical music that best retains its value and is still widely used in the digital age. If you are buying for a purist, a DJ, or a turntable enthusiast, then the vinyl record should still be your gift of choice. Walmart has great prices and a wide selection of records and can save you time from having to search through your local hole-in-the-wall store and their hit-or-miss quality records.

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5. Novelty & Specialty Music Boxes

Novelty and specialty music boxes page

Sometimes the perfect gift for music lovers is going to be something out of the ordinary. A specialty music box is a unique way to play music notes for a loved one, and the modern variations allow for a versatile series of programming and buying options. Large classic boxes are available, as are smaller and modernized ones.

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6. Online Music Lessons

Artist works gift card page

If they aren’t a musician yet, there is no longer any excuse not to learn!

Learning new musical instruments can be a fun and challenging experience, and is a great way to help a musician improve their overall understanding of musical theory and performance. Online music lessons from Artistworks allow one to take high-quality lessons on all sorts of instruments ranging from a banjo to a turntable or the tried and true bass guitar.

A gift card to a whole new world of musical skills is a great gift for anyone.

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7. Vintage Guitar Gear

Guitar center  vintage page

Now, if you are buying for guitarists, consider getting them some quality vintage gear – or some high-quality replacements for their current equipment. Guitarcenter.com has a massive selection of necessities for any guitar player. Get a new guitar pick, guitar strings, anything you can need for acoustic guitar or electric guitar players.

Or, go big and get them something like the Vintage Garcia 1973 Grade 3 Classical Acoustic Guitar.

8. Parrot Zik 3.0 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Wireless Noise cancelling headphones

When you want to listen to music, the first step is being able to hear it. The Parrot Zik 3.0 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones allows one to listen to their favorite songs in the middle of the subway and feel completely at peace. When someone you know absolutely needs their musical escape, headphones that give you a little piece of serenity will never be a bad choice.

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9. Sport Headphones

High quality pair of comfortable sport headphones

For many, especially musicians, it is almost impossible to work out without some sort of music. A high-quality pair of comfortable sport headphones ensures that the musicians in your life can jam out even in the middle of an intense cardio session. These headphones are even comfortable enough to be used while hitting a heavy bag or doing more intense workouts.

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10. Great Courses Music Theory

Great Courses audio and video lectures

The Great Courses audio and video lectures are a great gift idea for all sorts of people, as the courses are college-level lectures that range the width of human knowledge. For musicians, this is an easy and practical way to get high-level college-level course lectures on musical theory and music foundations.

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A Guide to the Best Gifts for Musicians 

While gift ideas are great, making a final decision is where the real challenge lies. Really, what is best can be anything from a new amplifier to a few band t-shirts, depending on the person in question.

For example, what if the amp is cheap and the shirts are signed by someone’s favorite artist? It all depends on context. With that said, here are a few basics to fall back on when buying a gift for a musician.

  • The basics are always good. Drummers will almost always need new drumsticks, guitarists will need new strings, etc. Helping them restock on necessities is always going to be an appreciated and safe gift.
  • Think outside the box. Maybe getting them a professional photo shoot or some Facebook ads could help their music career more than anything music related.
  • There is a lot of equipment, like music stands or plectrums, that musicians will often put off buying for themselves since they aren’t absolutely necessary. Splurge for them and get them those comfort items and they will thank you each time they get to play.

Get the Best Gifts for Musicians 

Now you have plenty of places to begin looking for the perfect gift for the musician in your life! Take the time to weigh your options and you are sure to get them something they love.

Whether they need a new instrument, lessons, a microphone, or a whole host of possible items, this list of quality products and merchants will help you find it. All the items on our list are available to order today.