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10 Gifts for Movie Lovers That Show You’ve Been Paying Attention

10 Gifts for Movie Lovers That Show You’ve Been Paying Attention

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Finding great gifts for movie lovers goes beyond simply getting them great movies. There are tons of high-quality, unique, and fun movie gifts available to buy online today.

You should at least consider some of your other options when buying for that film buff – especially the one who has already seen everything (and likely already has a subscription to every movie channel as well).

We have put together this quick list of great alternative film gifts, as well as a few added tips that will help you to narrow down your options. By the end, you should have no problem selecting the perfect gift for that movie lover in your life.

The Best Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers for 2023

The following are gifting ideas for a movie lover you can order today.

1. Big Movie Scoop Snack Assortment

Caramel Corn movie snack assortment

Things have changed, and we watch films from our homes a lot more now than going out to see a movie. The next time you or your loved ones watch a blockbuster from the couch instead of the movie theater, make sure you can complete the experience with the movie snack assortment.

This pack has a mixture of sweet treats, candies, and popcorn to give you that real movie theatre feel even while lounging at home. The secret-recipe Caramel Corn is a favorite of The Popcorn Factory that they are sure to love.

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2. Give the gift of RiffTrax!

Mystery science theatre 3000

Filmmakers, comedians, and nerds rejoice! RiffTrax, the spinoff created by the much-beloved founders of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 allows you to add a hilarious commentary track to countless modern hit and classic movies. These are audio files you download and simply play along with your copy of the movie in question. Have a movie you love, or love to hate? Either way watch it with RiffTrax and you will be rolling on the ground in laughter by the end.

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3. Wonder Woman Red, Gold & Blue Phone Case

Wonder woman phone case

Show your colors and stand for justice with this awesome Wonder Woman phone case. Both practical and fun, make sure your phone is a tough as the DC Universe’s most beloved heroine. These are bright flashy colors sure to make evil beware. Other awesome options on the WBShop include Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings cases.

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4. The Thing From Another World

Thing from another world

The Blu-Ray edition gives this classic a whole new lease on life. The Thing From Another World is an American classic about Arctic researchers who discover a crash-landed UFO and the dangerous alien within.

This 1951 classic is a true example of the sci-fi genre in the golden age and is a fantastic addition to the shelves of any film aficionado. This makes for a fun movie night watch, or simply as a historical display piece to add to a collection. 

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5. FYE Caddyshack Set

FYE Caddshack set

Now if you need a gift idea for a slightly less serious film buff, then the perfect gift may be more in line with the items in the FYE Caddyshack set. Caddyshack is another American classic that features many beloved comedians in their prime. The items to get are Caddyshack and Caddyshack 2 of course, but also the Caddyshack Poster Shirt and top off the collection with a Funko Pop! Caddyshack: Judge Smails.

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Zack Snyder's justice league tshirt

The release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a historical moment in the history of comic book films, and films in general. One of the few examples of the power of geek culture, to force the re-release of a movie by a different director and may note the beginning of more fan outcry-driven studio actions. This T-shirt makes for a unique gift commemorating this occasion in film history.

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7. RedBox E-Gift Cards

Redbox Gift card

Give the gift of a movie night to a loved one with a RedBox gift card. With this card, they can buy DVDs and Blu-ray movies, or even make online reservations for movies. These funds never expire and allow them to choose a movie that interests them, or one that’s on their bucket list to see. This works very well when combined with the Rifftrax card. Redbox has all of the releases from classics to the absolute newest marquee releases.

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8. John Wayne on Blu-Ray: El Dorado

HD Widescreen viewing

Here’s another old-fashioned movie and classic example of the western genre updated into glorious Blu-Ray. If you have someone in your life who loves the western classics, then help them see these expansive movies in a whole new way. The west truly opens up with HD widescreen viewing. In this movie, a gunslinger returns to a frontier town to find trouble with a local land baron.

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9. Cuisinart EasyPop™ Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Cuisinart easypop hot air popcorn maker

While microwave popcorn may taste great, study after study has shown that it simply isn’t healthy for you. This Cuisinart EasyPop hot air popcorn maker lets you enjoy popcorn with your film in a guilt-free and still delicious fashion. One run of this popper will yield 15 cups of popcorn, so you won’t need to run it multiple times on date night.

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10. Cinephile Game

Cinephile Game

The Cinephile Game is a trivia game with movie quotes and other pop culture questions from Uncommon Goods that helps the movie lover in your life have fun and use their film knowledge, even when not actually watching a movie. There are several ways to play with this deck and is the best way to decide who in your group is the ultimate film geek.

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A Guide to the Best Gifts for Movie Lovers 

These are a few tips for when you are looking to buy a gift for a movie lover:

Get them new releases of their more rare favorite films

One simple gift idea, however you manage it, is to get your film buff friend or movie fanatic family members their favorite movies that are not found on Netflix. Or get them the special box set collector’s edition of these movies. 

Movie buffs love the classics and the bonus materials that come with the physical DVD and Blu-Ray versions. Many choice selections have great movies in this vein, each one a masterclass in Hollywood filmmaking from greats such as Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, and Tarantino.

Film props and reproductions if you can find them

Film lovers always enjoy a retro movie poster or T-shirt when it is an authentic reproduction, or perhaps even the real thing. For lower-cost options, places like Spencers or Walmart may have what you need. If you want to find the more high-end items, like actual props that were used in the films, you will have to go to specialty shops or the actual storage warehouses themselves.

It is not as hard as you may think; sometimes, you just need to ask, though for more popular movies, such memorabilia will likely go for quite a bit on eBay – which is where you will also likely have to look.

Don’t guess that they will like a film

Unless they collect B-Movies or cheesy horror, don’t just buy a random title out of the blue and hope it is going to be a good gift.

Most movie aficionados are pretty discerning. Instead, try and enhance their movie nights, or get them memorabilia of the favorites you know they love. One option is to buy them the script or production notes for their favorite blockbuster. These are fun purchases that can give them real new insights into a decades-old favorite.

The Best Gifts for Movie Lovers You Can Buy Today! 

Anything on this list is sure to bring a smile to the film buff in your life. Take the time to really think about what they enjoy, and perhaps even some new sub-genres you can get them into. Regardless of which gift you choose, any on our list today is ready to be ordered right away.