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10 Gifts for Knitters That Are Knot So Ordinary

Are there people in your life who love to knit? There are so many different ways to enjoy knitting that it’s not surprising that more people than ever are pursuing it, either as a hobby or as a part of their crafting business.

So, what do experienced knitters and other crafters even want, or need, when it comes to gifts? Here is a quick look at some of our favorite gifts for knitters, along with a guide to help you find great knitter gifts.

The Best Gift Ideas for Knitters for 2023

1. Coats Susan Bates® Digital Row Counter

Stocking Stuffer plain old keychain

Need a stocking stuffer that is better than a plain old keychain? A high quality row counter is always a great choice for your loved one who knits. This digital counter uses state of the art technology in order to count knits and stitches so that you don’t lose track of what you’re doing. Plus, it has features to reset and to add a row manually. The LCD screen is easy to read and look at.

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2. Nesting Stash Baskets Knit or Crochet Kit

Skeins of Yarn

Everyone needs a place to put their skeins of yarn – so why not get them a kit that helps them make their own set? This particular kit includes whatever yarn they’ll need in order to make the baskets, and instructions for both knitting and crocheting, so they can choose whichever method that they wish for making them.

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3. Kit N Caboodle Tote Bag

Knitting Bags

Knitting on the go has become more socially acceptable, and with that, knitting bags are more popular. If your favorite knitter needs a new project bag, this adorable tote bag has several compartments, making it perfect for any crafting pro. It has large pockets, including an external zip pocket and one Velcro pocket. It’s lightweight, but sturdy, which makes it easy to travel with.

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4. Red Heart Learn Knitting with Circular Needles Kit

Plastic zip top pouch

Circular needles can be tricky to work with, and this kit is all about learning to work with them. It includes yarn needles in different needle sizes, a needle gauge, stitch markers, and a cable needle, all inside of a plastic zip-top pouch for ease of transport and storage. It makes learning this style of knitting a lot easier.

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5. Double Knit Loom

Knitting supplies

Every knitter dreams of adding unique looms to their knitting supplies – including this double knit loom. It allows them to make knitting stitches of every size and style, and it makes it a lot easier for you to get things done because it moves with you as you knit. It’s super easy to use and it helps you make the best double-knitted creations.

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6. Rainbow Mandala Entrelac Blanket Knit-Along Kit in Deramores Yarn

Rainbow blanket pattern

Knitting patterns and knitting books with fun designs are always a simple go-to gift, and with so many options out there, you’re sure to find something they’ll love. This rainbow blanket pattern is the perfect gift for a knitter that wants a unique challenge that is going to look fun and bring some bright colors into their space.

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7. Knitting Crochet Locking Stitch Needle Clip Markers Holder

Stich markers

Stitch markers are really useful for those big, complex patterns that you see expert knitters make. They can mark the beginning and/or end of a pattern stitch, show where you need to adjust numbers of stitches, and more. They can also be used in papercraft, other types of yarn craft, and more. They’re really easy to use and they stay in place fairly solidly.

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8. Clover Jumbo Knitting Needle Point Protectors 4 Pkg

Needle point protectors

Advanced knitters often have multiple needles and projects going on at the same time, and they may have some needles that want to keep as sharp as possible. Needle point protectors are a great gift that can keep stitching on needles for projects that are in progress, or can just protect sharp ends. They sit on the tips of the needles, protecting the part that is typically used in the knitting process. These ones are made from acrylic material.

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9. Brookstone 6-Pocket Armrest Organizer in Black

Armrest organizer

Where can a knitter put their knitting tools while they’re watching TV or hanging out on the couch? This armrest organizer is a classy way for them to keep some of their most-used tools in the living room. It has 6 different pockets and a tray top surface that can be used for crafting or as a TV tray.

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10. Knitter’s Slang Funny Knitting Mug

Coffee Mug

Knitters use all sorts of slang in order to describe what they’re doing and, many times, only other knitters are going to get it. This coffee mug is a funny gift that is filled with all of the slang used in the hobby, from techniques, to knitting supplies, to describing projects.

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Shopping for Great Gifts for Knitters

What do they need?

There are always needs when someone is really into knitting. For example, they may need yarn swifts, knit picks, yarn bowls, blockers, ball winders, needles, and even crochet hooks to be able to do every job in the way that they wish to. They come in different sizes and styles, so there are always new options to bring to the table.

Yarn, yarn, yarn

Yarn is great for crocheters and knitters, and it’s more important than knitting accessories. Yarn comes from all sorts of different sources, too – alpaca yarn has become more popular. So, buy balls of yarn for someone that is into knitting or crocheting and you’re sure to make them very happy.

Fun and useful

The best gifts are usually both fun and useful. Maybe you can find them a funny t-shirt that they can wear to knitting conferences, or get them some knitting project outlines. Bring them swatches of fabric so they can pick out what they need for a particular project, or get them a yarn charm. Above all else, have fun buying gifts.

Making Knitting Fun for Your Favorite Knitters

Every knitter is into DIY, and finding unique gifts for them can sometimes be a challenge. So, whether you decide to go all out with a bunch of different useful gifts for knitters or just get them a gift card for their favorite crafting place, you’re sure to bring them a lot of joy with whatever you choose.