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10 Awesome Gifts for History Buffs (Because You Can’t Get Them the Liberty Bell)

10 Awesome Gifts for History Buffs (Because You Can’t Get Them the Liberty Bell)

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Nerds unite and history buffs rejoice. If you know a history lover, then you probably know more information about random periods in our world’s history than anyone else. But, how do you translate that love into a great gift idea?

Historically themed gifts are easy to come by, but knowing which one will make the best gift is its own challenge. Here is a peek at some gift considerations you want to make for your favorite history buff.

The Best Gift Ideas for History Buffs for 2023

1. New York Times Ultimate Birthday Book

Ultimate birthday book

What better history book is there than a hardcover reminder of what the New York Times had on the front page on a particular date? This is the Ultimate Birthday Book from the New York Times, and it contains the front page of the NYT on the day they were born and every birthday since. It also boasts a timeline of NYT news, some famous front pages from the Times, and top pages in the birth year of your recipient. 

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2. P-51 Mustang Eyewitness To History Coin Set With Display Box

Collectible coin set

The P-51 Mustang was a sleek, groundbreaking aircraft that was introduced to the world during World War II. This collectible coin set features the P-51 as the centerpiece and includes a 1943 WWII “Walking Liberty” half dollar, which is a rare artifact from this era. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Colonel Anderson.

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3. Authentic Personalized 30 Cal Army Box

30 Cal Army box

Military history buffs love anything and everything military that they can get their hands on. This 30 Cal Army Box is a unique item that came right from the military. Every one of them in this series is unique, and the plaque can be personalized with any name and one line of text.

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4. Historical Collection World War II PzKpfw VI Tiger Ausf. E – 800 Piece Construction Blocks Building Kit

800 pieces construction block building kit

Does your favorite historian also like to work with their hands? This 800 piece construction block building kit allows them to build a World War II Tiger Tank – one of the most recognizable German tanks from this time. The labels are printed onto the blocks, and it comes with an illustrated manual to assist with construction.

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5. 45 Presidents Iotacons Mug

Coffee mug

Who doesn’t want great presidents like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John Adams, and FDR on their coffee mug? Now, you can! The outside of this mug has a bright white base, and then it is covered with our first 45 presidents in the style of an iotacon (pixel art).

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6. Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong

Best seller James W. Loewen book

This bestseller from James W. Loewen is a must-read for every historian interested in American history. It focuses on the issues in history textbooks and curriculum, and helps to bring history alive in a complex and innovative way. From historical figures to events that are not always explained fully, there are lots of things to dive into and learn.

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7. Sterling Silver Eisenhower Dollar Money Clip

Sterling silver Eisenhower dollar money

Looking for a stocking stuffer for any history buff? This Sterling Silver Eisenhower dollar money clip is a fun way to keep your cash safe. It has a genuine Eisenhower dollar (1971-1978) and has a certificate of authenticity with it as well. It comes in a lovely gift box so you can gift it as is!

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8. Timeline Challenge Board Game

Time Challenge board game

If historical trivia is something they love, then Timeline Challenge is definitely a board game to add to their list. Knowing history and timelines is going to help history buffs succeed in several different trials and challenges presented by this unique game. It can be played with 2 to 6 teams or individual persons.

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9. The Diagrammed Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence poster

Does your favorite nerd want a unique piece of art for their home or classroom? This Declaration of Independence poster is fully diagrammed for the best understanding. It’s complete with color word art and lots of interesting information about its development and wording.

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10. Patton 24 -in Bronze and Gold Antique World Map Clock, Brushed Bronze

World Map gift

A world map gift is great for world travelers and historians alike. This one is 24 inches around, and framed with a beautiful bronze finish. The background is also bronzed, giving the aged world map a classic “vintage” look as well. Hour and minute hands are designed flawlessly and don’t distract from the art and design of this unique gift.

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Tips for Finding Great History Lover Gifts

Do they have a particular era they like?

Every historian, whether amateur or expert, has a favorite period of time or historical event. Do they love talking about the Civil War or American Revolution? Maybe Vikings, Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire, or the founding of certain empires? Knowing the period, era, or cultures they love can help you find more focused gifts for them.

Are they a history teacher?

You don’t have to be a teacher to be a geek, but there are some great gifts for teachers out there. You may want to get them a subscription to National Geographic, or a t-shirt that really shows their inner nerd. Then, the kids will know what they are getting into when they come into the classroom.  

What do they look for?

Some history lovers are also collectors. They may want to add books about Benjamin Franklin or Alexander Hamilton to their bookshelf, or put together Lego sculptures of famous buildings in New York and other cities in the US. Add to their collections by finding new releases or getting those hard-to-get pieces they’ve been looking for.

Your Favorite History Buff Will Love These Gifts!

You always want to get the perfect gift for your loved one, and history gifts can be a really cool way to show off what they enjoy. Nabbing fun and unique historical gifts can be a fun way to let them know you’re listening and you love them!