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10 Best Gifts for Guitar Players Guide

10 Best Gifts for Guitar Players Guide

January 11, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

Since finding the perfect gift for a guitar player can be difficult, we put together this quick list and guide full of great gift ideas.

Our list will help you locate the best gifts for the guitarist in your life, or at least serve as a springboard for you to use to find great merchants and product lines.

The Best Gift Ideas for Guitar Players for 2023 

Since guitarists will often have unique tastes, spend some time looking at variations of our suggestions on these high-quality merchant sites.

1. Gator Transit Series Guitar Gig Bag

Guitar bag

Guitar playing is fun, especially when traveling to new places, but carrying the guitar around everywhere is less than fun. With this guitar bag, you bring your own guitar no matter where in the world you are going, comfortably. This model is made from weather-resistant fabric to fit standard acoustic guitars, and has a plush micro-fleece lining. There are also extra D-rings for clipping accessories on.

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2. Great Courses

Guitar 6 Courses in The Great Courses

The Great Courses is an excellent example of the best of what the internet has to offer. This is college-level courses and lectures taught by actual professors and are the best way to get a college education on music theory without all of the debt. It doesn’t matter if you play bass guitar, electric guitar, or the ukulele; there is something to benefit from understanding music on an academic level.

Additionally, The Great Courses also has a series of basic guitar lessons that you can easily watch and learn along with.

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3. Vintage Garcia 1973 Grade 3 Classical Acoustic Guitar

Handmade Spanish Guitars in Guitar Center

The Garcia Grade 3 are handmade Spanish guitars with excellent sound quality and have shown to be able to withstand the test of time. These have long been considered great beginner guitars, and owning one that is nearly 50 years old is like owning a working piece of history.

Any guitar lover will appreciate a working piece straight from the ’70s. 

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4. Guitar Sheet Music

Sheetmusic plus Guitar Sheet Music

Playing the correct guitar chords is a lot easier when you have the notes laid out in front of you. A book of sheet music is a great way to inspire someone to learn some new songs and push their skills further. SheetMusicPlus.com has a huge selection of songs sure to fit any player’s preferred style and genres.

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5. Gift Cards For Online Music Lessons

Gift Cards from ArtistWorks

Artist Works is perhaps the best online resource for learning to play music and for improving one’s skills. On the site they have multiple gift card options that allow you to get your favorite guitar player lessons for up to a year (the other options are 3 and 6 months).

Artist Works has lessons on plenty of guitar styles, starting with a beginners course, and working into much more intense choices such as electric jazz improv guitar lessons.

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6. Quick Change Key Guitar Capo

Useful little tool a guitar capo

A guitar capo is a device that clamps on the neck of the guitar and shortens the strings, raising the pitch. This is a useful little tool, and you want to find one that is reliable and fairly priced.

This specific capo at Walmart is a great choice. It is a guitar capo for both acoustic and electric classical guitars with nice soft rubber pads that provide good string tension and solid protection. This model is also rust-resistant and easily repositioned.

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7. Guitar Strings

Guitar String from West Music

Sometimes the best gift for a guitar player is just ensuring they are able to go and play their guitar. Without guitar strings, you have no instrument, so ensure your favorite guitar player always has some backups. WestMusic has a range of options with various tensions and materials. You may need to do a little investigating to see what your gift recipient’s preferred strings are.

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8. Plectrums, Guitar Picks 12-Pack

Simple Colored Guitar picks

A plectrum, also known as a guitar pick, is a true life comfort enhancer when you are a regular player. These are simple colored picks, and just like backup strings, are easy to overlook until you need them. Like buying someone socks, it is the type of gift they are most thankful for when they finally need it. Pair them with some strings and maybe a string winder for a little tool kit.

These picks are suitable for electric and acoustic guitars, as well as bass, the mandolin and ukulele.

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9. Guitar Headstock Wall Decal

Wall Decorations Guitar Headstock wall

Getting them some wall decorations and utility items like a wall hanger can also be smart to get the guitar player who has everything, just a little more. For our sample item here, we have chosen a fun Guitar Headstock wall decal that is sure to make any room just a bit more fun.

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10. Guitar Stand

Quality Guitar stand

As with many of the other items on this list, the beauty here is in the simplicity and pure usefulness of the item. A quality guitar stand will be used hundreds of times, but is also something one rarely builds or gets for themselves. Get them a quality guitar stand and they will thank you a little bit each time they pick up and put down their instrument.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Gifts for Guitar Players 

  • Guitarists will always love a new guitar, whether to use as a display piece or one for everyday use. If you know enough about their personal preferences and current needs, this will always be a great option.
  • While a new Fender guitar, or an amp (amplifier) may be fantastic options, they aren’t always practical and can be expensive. In such cases, think instead of things they may need to use on a regular basis. If you don’t want to spring for a new guitar, and you know the set-up they use and prefer, then getting a nice replacement guitar strap, guitar tuner or pick holder is always going to be a safe choice.
  • Part of the joy of playing music in our modern age is being able to record back and out together fully produced pieces with only a few clicks of a button in a tool kit on the iPad or iPhone. Music production software might be the next step in gift options for the musician who is starting to really take hold of the craft. Before that, however, see if they even have a simple USB microphone.

Once they can start putting finished products on YouTube or Twitch, they may get a whole new wave of motivation to keep playing and learning. There are tons of DIY gadget options for realizing the dream of producing your own music.

  • Gifts don’t have to be extravagant. Don’t underestimate things like comfortable straps. Playing guitar takes hours of practice, and helping them be comfortable can make the entire experience of playing exponentially better.

Get the Best Gifts for Guitar Players 

If you are buying for a guitar player or really any music lover in your life, most of these gifts are sure to please. Luckily, if you have a birthday or event coming up soon, all of these items are available for order today.