“We had been trying so hard to raise donations from individuals and foundations. It was surprising how easy, and how big of an impact Giving Assistant has had on us.”

-Julia Kurnia, Founder, Zidisha

Giving Assistant members are changing lives—even as far away as Africa—just by shopping online.

Imagine for a moment, a bright, entrepreneurial single mother named Bineta raising her children in Senegal, West Africa.

Bineta designs and hand-sews beautiful dresses for a living, but she’s faced with a challenge—her dresses are highly sought after, and she can only hand-sew one or two of them a week, limiting her income.

If Bineta could afford a sewing machine, she’d be able to sew five or six dresses a week instead, effectively growing her business and making it possible for her to provide even more for her family.

Bineta’s Dreams Come True

Thankfully, Bineta can look toward nonprofit organization Zidisha for assistance in obtaining a small loan for the sewing machine. With an affordable, low-interest loan from Zidisha, Bineta purchases a brand new sewing machine, and repays the loan easily with the additional profits she earns sewing more dresses each week.

To date, Zidisha has received more than $250,000 from Giving Assistant shoppers in order to expand their work providing these affordable microloans to borrowers in developing countries.

And Bineta has since opened a studio, hired an employee, and sent her teenage daughter to college preparatory school.

Organizations like Zidisha (and amazing people like Bineta) are the cornerstone of Giving Assistant’s global mission to transform consumers’ everyday online shopping activities into meaningful, productive, long-term contributions to humanity.

What is Zidisha?

Founded by Julia Kurnia, Zidisha is an organization that seeks to provide people in developing countries with affordable microloans. These small loans invigorate local economies while helping citizens meet financial needs, or just move a little closer to their dreams.

Zidisha keeps interest rates low and loans affordable by harnessing the power of the internet: borrowers can log on to Zidisha.org, create a profile, and be connected directly with lenders.

Lenders browse borrowers’ profiles and contribute to their projects with the click of a button. No loan officers’ salaries to cover, and only minor overhead costs.

“Through Giving Assistant, we’ve been able to raise almost a quarter of a million dollars in additional donations,” said Zidisha’s founder, Julia Kurnia. “That has allowed us to fund loans for two thousand people that otherwise would not have been financed.”

Giving Assistant shoppers donate $250,000+ to Zidisha—a number that grows every day.

Founder, Julia Kurnia, receiving Zidisha’s check from Giving Assistant supporters

Giving Assistant envisions a world where:

  • the average global citizen can more regularly experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from being able to contribute to their community
  • and where nonprofit organizations like Zidisha can feel confident knowing they have one more consistent, reliable, long-term stream of financial support.

To this end, we developed an innovative, consumer loyalty program that enables us to pay Giving Assistant members more cash back on their online purchases than our competitors.

Then, we provide shoppers with the option to donate some, or all of their cash back earnings to organizations they value.

In short: our shoppers earn more, so they enjoy the freedom to give more.

Zidisha is one of many organizations that Giving Assistant and its shoppers are passionate about supporting. In May of 2016, we were honored to deliver a check to Zidisha for $247,618.

That’s nearly $250,000 Zidisha can now use to expand their mission of providing microloans to business owners, teachers, families, and individuals in developing countries—and that number keeps growing. All because thousands of Giving Assistant members are shopping online, right now.

How to Donate to Zidisha

Giving Assistant members interested in donating a portion (or all!) of their cash back earnings to Zidisha simply need to select Zidisha as their organization of choice in their account settings.

Not a member? Sign up here to begin supporting Zidisha while you shop.

If you’d like to learn more about funding a loan to an individual or entrepreneur like Bineta in Senegal, visit Zidisha.org