When’s the last time you bought something that made a difference? Bought a t-shirt to help Japan’s earthquake relief? A red iPod to end AIDS in Africa? How about a pink tennis ball to support breast cancer research?

There’s a reason why so many products are partnering to support charitable causes. Cone, a Boston-based communications agency, just released some major findings that got our team doing the happy dance. According to their report on social and environmental issues, 83% of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support causes.

Here are some more interesting numbers from the report (yep, we’re geeks here at GlobalMojo… and proud of it):

  • 90% of consumers (or 278 million Americans) want companies to tell them the ways they are supporting causes
  • 81% of Americans want companies to give them the opportunity to buy a cause-related product
  • 75% of Americans consider a company’s commitment to social and environmental issues when deciding where to shop

So what does this mean? People want companies to step up and think about more than just profits. It’s no longer about putting money into big corporations; it’s about directing that money to where it’s needed the most. In a way, this is exactly why we created GlobalMojo.

The social good trend isn’t going anywhere fast. And even if large companies choose to support a cause (which is great!), are they going to support the cause you care most about? Most likely, that answer is no. This is where GlobalMojo comes in. Your purchases online — that children’s book that you wish supported education or those awesome shoes you hope would go to end homelessness – now CAN support your very favorite causes. With GlobalMojo, all of your purchases can do good — not just the pink tennis ball.

There are millions of different philanthropic organizations and social good issues to support. Each one means something different to everyone. If you or someone you love had prostate cancer, of course you’d be more inclined to donate to prostate cancer research than breast cancer research. But, when’s the last time you saw a product that supports prostate cancer research?

Whether your passion lies within animal rights, homelessness, or supporting our troops, with GlobalMojo, the power to do good is in your very own hands. 

I personally care a lot about quality K-12 education in low income neighborhoods because that’s where I came from. Since I’ve started working at GlobalMojo, I downloaded the browser app and now my online purchases from websites like BestBuy.com, Expedia.com, and Walgreens.com generate revenue for Californians for Justice, a nonprofit that addresses issues in low-income high schools in California.

I may not ever find a glow-in-the-dark iPod dedicated to support education in low-income neighborhoods, but 5% of the flight I just booked on Expedia.com is going to Californians for Justice. And that makes me feel good.

Now that we have proof that consumers want their purchases to count… why on earth wouldn’t you choose to have your purchases support a cause?

~Michelle, Marketing Intern