Guest Blog Post by Kristie Price

“Phinney Ridge Food Bank. How can I help you?” The conversations are similar. “Have you been here before? What’s your last name? Can you spell it for me? How many adults are in your family? How many children?”

Monday afternoon a woman asked, “Can I come in tomorrow? I’m out of everything. I’m out of food.”

“Tomorrow? Yep. You sure can. We’re open between 2pm and 3pm.”

“Praise, Jesus!” was here response.

Food Lifeline – The Other Big Deal
Nonprofits like Food Lifeline and the food banks they support are a big deal. Food Lifeline is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending hunger in Western Washington. They make every penny count, and 94% of the food they receive from local, state and national contributors is donated. You can be sure that 96 cents of every dollar you give to Food Lifeline goes directly toward feeding hungry people.

Who are the hungry?

  • 37% are children
  • 12% are seniors
  • 9% are homeless
  • 47% have some sort of post-secondary education

Food Lifeline provides a creative link between food sources and hungry people. They encourage the food industry to donate unmarketable but usable food it would otherwise discard, and collect millions of pounds of food each year as a result.

The Faces of Food Banks
Volunteering at a food bank is a humbling experience. The differences between those giving away the food and those receiving it are sometimes indistinguishable. One week ago we might have both had jobs, a family, and a paycheck. This week? Well, life has a way of changing when we least expect it.

Food Lifeline allows you to donate food so someone else can help pass it along to another. We all become part of the bigger story of ending hunger in out cities.

Wherever you are in the story, whether you donate money, time or food, you’re a big deal. You’re the reason a woman with empty cupboards says “Praise, Jesus!” and really means it.

For the first time in history it is possible to end hunger…rather quickly. The world has the resources, knowledge and structures. The world’s fiels, livestock and oceans produce enough food. The world’s economies provide sufficient wealth. – Bread for the World

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All information on Food Lifeline was obtain directly from their website.