Howdy GlobalMojo Users! We’ve been burning the midnight oil here at the office to introduce some really great features (if we do say so ourselves) that will allow you to raise even more money for your selected causes. Without further adieu… Here’s a look at our latest and greatest:

How about those browser apps?

The GlobalMojo Giving Assistant browser app now works with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, in addition to Firefox. The Safari browser app is coming soon… To get the app, simply open up your preferred browser, visit and select “Free Download.” The browser app works just like the old GlobalMojo browser, only it works within the latest browser technologies available. And not to worry, your account will stay exactly the same (just click “already a user” once you install the app).

You may be wondering — why browser apps? Good question. Glad you asked. We received extensive feedback from users wanting the freedom and flexibility to use a browser of their choice. We could see that many of the big Internet companies were ramping up their browser technologies, and we wanted to create a product that would allow our users access to these browser advancements and still generate money for their chosen causes.  Hence, the “browser app.”

Time to Get SOCIAL

Along with the new browser app comes our new social dashboard, aptly named the Free Giving Playground. Once logged into this “mojo control center,” you can track the revenue you’ve generated, invite friends to join your team, manage your Missions and Causes, and even earn some nifty badges and trophies. Not to mention, you can compete against your own team members or other teams to see who can earn the highest Mojo score. We think it’s kinda cool… if you’re into that sort of thing.


New & Improved Shopping Features

We’re still working out the kinks on some new search and shopping features, but we’re just a tad too excited to not share them with you. Let us explain: To help you identify our retail partners – those awesome merchants who generously allow you to generate money for your cause – each time you search via google, our app springs into action by dropping the GlobalMojo logo next to MoDough-generating retailers.

And when you type in a website URL’s directly, the app will drop a super subtle notification bar to let you know… you have arrived! – on a partner site, that is. Check it out —


As always, we welcome your feedback on all the new features. Love them? Hate them? We want to know!

Until the next update… happy browsing! – Your GlobalMojo Team