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Best Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen (2021 Guide)

Your groomsmen are your most important buddies. They’ve always been there for you and you want them to stick with you while you carry out the most important decision of your life.

Thanking your groomsmen with wedding gifts is a time-honored tradition that more and more couples are deciding to embrace as a part of their overall wedding experience.

How do you know what groomsmen gift is best to get for your buddies? Should you go silly or serious with your gifting? Our wedding gifts for groomsmen guide can help you get some direction about what you’d like to get.

Top 7 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Groomsmen in 2021

1. 34 Oz Glass Beer Super Mug

Best Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen (2021 Guide) Image 1

If you love to drink great beer with your friends, then this 34 ounce Super Mug glassware is the perfect gift idea that you can give to your groomsmen. These huge beer glasses are made from ultra durable glass, and the handle even has a thumb rest!

Not only is this beer mug not your typical pint glass, it’s also got personalization options. You can do something as simple as a monogram, or you can put their name, your wedding date, and a simple message to let them know how much you care.

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2. Personalized Groomsman Rosewood Pen Set

Best Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen (2021 Guide) Image 2

Looking for a classy keepsake? Then this rosewood pen set will fit the bill for sure. Specially designed for groomsmen, the ballpoint pen’s rosewood box doubles as both a display case and the best gift box you could ask for! It looks great and your wedding party will love it, especially if you personalize it with a special message.

The twist-action ballpoint pen inside is also made from rosewood. It is 6 inches in length and writes with black ink. The pens can be refilled easily with a Parker refill.

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3. BRO Suit Up – Funny Groomsman Proposal Can Cooler

Best Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen (2021 Guide) Image 3

Want a different way to ask your groomsmen to be in your wedding party? A great gift that does exactly that is this goofy “BRO Suit Up” can cooler (also known as a Koozie). These are made with high quality materials to keep any cold one cold while keeping your hands warm.

This cool groomsmen gift features a tuxedo with the words in bold. Then, on the bottom, it says “Will You Be My Groomsman?”

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4. Bullet Bottle Opener

Best Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen (2021 Guide) Image 4

Want to help your brothers make a statement with retro groomsmen gifts? If so, then you want to check out this classy opener. The sleek 50 caliber bullet shape makes it easy to grip, and your groomsmen can pop open their favorite drinks on the go.

Crafted from zinc alloy, the finish on the opener is highly polished copper and gold making it a real stand-out bullet. If you’re seeking out a unique wedding gift to give your groomsmen, this is definitely a contender!

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5. Irvine Groomsmen Gift Box Set

Best Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen (2021 Guide) Image 5

Gift boxes filled with flasks? Sounds like the perfect gift set for your wedding party! This personalized groomsman gift set is a lovely way to tell your best man and crew how much you appreciate them. The natural wooden keepsake box can be monogrammed or engraved.

Inside of the box is a black, stainless steel flask and a classy combination bottle opener and corkscrew. This set is ideal for any groom or bride that wants to give their wedding party a lovely gift.

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6. Gentlemen’s Hardware Axe Multi Tool

Best Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen (2021 Guide) Image 6

Everyone needs a multi-tool and/or pocket knife, and this one a fabulous choice for DIYers. With 10 different, functional tools and a wooden handle that can be engraved with a name, nickname, or any other message, this is a great addition to any guy’s toolbox.

Inside of the multi-tool is a small kindling axe, two saws, two screwdrivers (Philips head and flat head), a can opener, a file, a small mallet, a knife, and a bottle opener.

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7. Zoku® Iced Coffee Maker

Best Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen (2021 Guide) Image 7

Are your buddies a little challenged when it comes to making iced coffee or tea? If so, then this iced coffee maker is a fantastic way to give them a hand. So many iced coffee and iced tea markers use ice to chill the drinks, but that ends up diluting the beverage. This tumbler is designed to chill without ice within five minutes.

Made from stainless steel, this travel mug is spill resistant, BPA free, and comes with a sipping straw so that your groomsmen can take it wherever they go. It holds around 11 ounces of liquid. Give them to your groomsmen ahead of your special day and they can have iced coffee while you’re all getting ready.

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Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Never Forget!

Part of the bachelor party?

Many grooms make the decision to go ahead and include the best groomsmen gifts as part of the experience of the bachelor party. Whether it’s paying for drinks, giving out gift certificates, or footing the bill, it’s a good idea to look at the bachelor party as a potentially fun part of the entire gift-giving process.

Something for the wedding day itself

Gifting groomsmen something that they can add to their outfit on the wedding day is always a popular idea. Some grooms like giving their groomsmen goofy gifts, like socks or boxers. Others will get something more stylish, like a pocket watch, bow tie, cuff links, or a lapel pin. Either way, if your groomsmen gift ideas include something for the actual wedding, your guys are sure to put it to good use.  

Be creative and get help from your fiancée

While you choose your groomsmen and/or bridesmaids during wedding planning, your fiancée likely played a role in your choices and/or whether or not they wanted them to be part of your experience. In many cases, they’re mutual friends of both of you. Because of that, you want to be sure that your fiancée is in on the gift-giving. It will make the wedding party gifts more meaningful if it’s from both of you!

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