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Best Wedding Gifts for Bride (2021 Guide)

The bride is typically considered to be the star of a wedding. They usually spend more money on preparing for the event, and it’s tradition for the parents of the bride to carry most of the financial burden involved in a wedding.

So how does one sort out what would be the best gift for the star of the show?

Finding the perfect wedding gift ideas for a bride takes time, and there are all sorts of things that you can consider. Here are our suggestions for lovely gifts that you can give to the bride on her wedding day.

Top 7 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Brides in 2021

1. Vera Wang by Wedgwood Leaf Vase

Best Wedding Gifts for Bride (2021 Guide) Image 1

Elegance is something that everyone wants more of in their homes, and if you’re looking at a wedding gift for the bride from the groom, this vase can be an excellent option.

This cut crystal vase from Vera Wang is a beautiful keepsake that will enhance the home décor of the newlywed’s home together. And, the vase has a lovely gold or rose gold plaque that you can get engraved with the couple’s names, wedding day, and a simple design so that it is unique to them.

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2. Willow Tree® Promise Figurine

Best Wedding Gifts for Bride (2021 Guide) Image 2

Many brides to be love the look of these Willow Tree figurines. This particular one, designed as the ideal gift for brides and grooms, has a romanticized couple sharing a reminder to “Hold dear the promise of love”.

Designed by Susan Lordi, this personalized gift has a solid wood base that can be given with any message of one line, up to 25 characters (including any spacing). It stands 8.5 inches in height, and the base adds an additional 3/4”.

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3. Embroidered Love Sherpa

Best Wedding Gifts for Bride (2021 Guide) Image 3

This lovely Sherpa is the perfect wedding gift idea from the bride’s bridesmaids, a groom gift, or even an anniversary gift. This 50 by 60 throw is large enough for both the bride and groom to snuggle under on any special day that they may be enjoying together.

The one side of the blanket is faux micro mink; the other side is comfy faux lambswool Sherpa (both made from 100% polyester). The embroidery can be customized in any number of ways, and the monogram font is also able to be switched to one that fits the couple’s likes. This is the ideal gift for a bride and groom!

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4. Jute Bride Sequin Personalized Tote

Best Wedding Gifts for Bride (2021 Guide) Image 4

Getting ready for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or something else related to the big day? Give the bride this awesome looking jute tote that they can use to carry all of the essentials.

Generously sized, this sturdy beach tote has “Bride” written on the front of it, in a lovely script font filled with silver sequins. Everyone will know who the future bride is in the group! There is also the option to embroider the back with her name and wedding date – a personalized wedding gift she’ll carry around and use for years.

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5. Stonebriar Collection Wedding Wish Jar

Best Wedding Gifts for Bride (2021 Guide) Image 5

Wedding wishes are a great tradition, and everyone wants to be sure to share their wishes for the couple’s relationship and future! One of these is the best wedding gift that you can give, because it allows others to contribute on the wedding day.

This wish jar is styled like a cookie jar, but has a wedding theme to it. It comes with 100 different slips of paper shaped like event tickets that the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other wedding guests can use to share their wishes for the lucky couple. Gift it to them during the wedding planning process or as a bridal shower gift or engagement gift so they’ll have space for it at the reception.

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6. Couples Luggage Tags

Best Wedding Gifts for Bride (2021 Guide) Image 6

After the wedding dress comes off, the bride and groom are headed to their honeymoon! And what better wedding gift for a bride that’s organized than specially designed couples’ luggage tags.

These tags measure 4 inches by 3 inches, and each of them comes with a plastic loop strap that attaches directly to the luggage. There are 5 different designs available, and it comes with two tags that you can personalize; one for the bride, and one for the groom.

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7. Godinger Dublin Crystal 3-Tier Serving Rack

Best Wedding Gifts for Bride (2021 Guide) Image 7

The perfect gift for a bride that loves the ideal serving piece for hosting celebrations at home, this Dublin Crystal 3-Tier Serving Rack is a beautiful piece that makes it easy to serve hors d’oeuvres, cookies or elegant cupcakes.

Measuring about 21 inches tall, the multi-faceted crystal plates with their starburst pattern will sparkle nicely in candlelight. The 3 plates fit gracefully in the metal frame and the whole package makes an elegant display.

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A Quick Guide for Bridal Gift Shopping

Don’t feel stuck in stereotypes

So many people assume that they need to give the bride something especially feminine or decorative in order to make her happy. But, if the bride doesn’t ever wear earrings or a necklace, why consider getting her one? You never need to feel like you’re stuck in stereotypes – break out of them and get her something she’ll actually use and/or enjoy.

Talk to the bride if you can’t decide

In some cases, you may just feel stuck when it comes to figuring out what a bride wants for a unique wedding gift. Don’t be afraid to approach her and see what it is that she may want. Bring her a list of things that you’re considering, if you want to do so, and see what she likes and doesn’t like. It doesn’t all need to be a huge surprise – if it’s less stress, get her (or her wedding party) in on it!

Use the wedding registry as a guide

Registries are often put together with both newlyweds in mind. Most people will use them to establish what they need to make their home functional – small appliances, dishware, towels, cutting boards, etc.

You can use the wedding registry as a guide and, if you find something you know they’ll like better but serves the same function, you can get it. Maybe you can even DIY a thoughtful gift. Or, if you feel stuck, you can get a gift card for the place where their registry is.

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