Beef tallow has been a staple cooking ingredient in kitchens around the world for centuries.

It is definitely still available to buy to use to cook with at home.

US Wellness Meats

US Wellness meats beef tallow 5 gallon tub

When you want grassfed beef tallow then we can recommended buying the US Wellness Meats: 5 Gallon Beef Tallow. This should be enough tallow to supply you for quite awhile.

Their price is quite a bit less than you pay for 5 Gallons of good, organic coconut oil. (It’s even better when you use a US Wellness Meats coupon) Beef tallow is a very stable fat, full of CLA and Omega 3’s, and can be stored somewhere cool and dark for a long time before it goes bad.


Epic are known for their Epic meat bars, but you can also buy the Epic Beef Tallow jar. Get this glass jar of tallow to get started or if you have limited storage space.


Etsy are known for their marketplace of handmade gifts and crafts, but you can also buy beef tallow supplies on Etsy. Just don’t get the tallow balm to cook with it must be the cooking tallow.

Essential Depot

Yes you can get nearly anything on Amazon and beef tallow products are no exception with Essential Depot Beef Tallow available to buy online. You get shipped to you from 32oz to 2lbs of tallow.

Render Your Own

One of the loveliest thing about eating real, traditional foods (like your great-grandmother would have eaten) is that cooking and frying foods in beef tallow is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!

In our home we use beef tallow for making homemade french fries, squash fries, zucchini sticks, eggs and hashbrowns, sauteed veggies and so much more. It is incredible tasting and it really is good for you.

Many people choice not buy tallow but to rather render their own.

You can easily do so from the bones and fat you get each time you buy a portion of grass-fed beef. It’s a fairly painless task and turns out well, but you need a large portion of beef.

Additionally, one front of beef only makes enough tallow to last for a few months at most.