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One of the loveliest thing about eating real, traditional foods (like your great-grandmother would have eaten) is that cooking and frying foods in beef tallow is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!

In our home we use beef tallow for making homemade french fries, squash fries, zucchini sticks, eggs and hashbrowns, sauteed veggies and so much more. It is incredible tasting and it really is good for you.

Personally, I render my own from the bones and fat I get each time I buy a portion of our grass-fed beef. It’s a fairly painless task and turns out well.

But, not everyone buys large portions of beef all at once. Additionally, one front of beef only makes enough tallow to last me for a few months at most. I would love to use tallow more than I do but I end up rationing it a bit.

US Wellness Meats sells pure grass-fed beef tallow in a 5 gallon bucket! Think of all the glorious french fries and other amazing foods you could make with 5 gallons! Best of all, it’s on sale right now.

Regular price is $99.95. Currently on sale for $84.95 (plus shipping).

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This is quite a bit less than you pay for 5 Gallons of good, organic coconut oil. Beef tallow is a very stable fat, full of CLA and Omega 3’s, and can be stored somewhere cool and dark for a long time before it goes bad.