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Best Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (2021 Guide)

Getting her a Valentine’s Day gifts is easy. But finding a unique Valentine’s Day gift for her is special. You want to find something that shows just how much you care and to make your romantic day together just that much more meaningful.

To help you find a special gift for your gal, we have put together a quick list and guide for finding her the perfect unique Valentine’s Day gift.

10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her in 2021 

1. Personalized Paintings

high quality paintings from paintyourlife.com

There are many personalized gift ideas to choose from, but most are either engravings on an expensive piece of sterling silver or gold jewelry, or a name on a tacky novelty item like a coffee mug. With Paint Your Life, you can get a fantastic personalized gift that is also a quality product.

These are high-quality paintings that you can use to decorate a room. Give that special someone a gift set using a picture that tells your unique love story, and she will be sure to remember this Valentine’s Day for a long time to come.

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2. Eves Addiction Engraved Necklaces

engraved necklace

Now keeping with the personalized touch, these are engraved necklaces that allow you to give her a piece of jewelry that is especially hers. Use your pet name, or an inside joke, and make her swoon with a gift symbolic of your love and time together.

You can also opt to go with the photo-etched dog-tag style pieces for a more elaborate gift. There is a wide selection of various precious metals, formats and styles to choose from.

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3. Grand Valentine’s Day Gift Box with Wine

box of chocolates, fruits and wine

Rather than go for a box of chocolates, what about a basket of chocolates, fruits and wine? The wine is Harry & David™ Royal Crest Red blend and the package comes with delicious pears, chocolate-covered cherries, sweetened popcorn, as well as Valentine’s Day themed sweets such as cookies and truffles.

Make sure she has plenty of sweets and something to sip and you are well on your way to a great day.

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4. Blooming Hearts Dipped Berries

succulent fruits and chocolates

People don’t typically think of fruit as romantic Valentine’s Day gifts, but these succulent fruits and chocolates will make sure they know better. This lovely offering from edible arrangements is chocolate-dipped strawberries and pineapple hearts that make for a beautiful and sweet (literally) display piece – that is until you eat it.

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5. A Spa Day

great deal spa for relaxation and comfort help

Help fund her next trip to the Spa with a gift card, or better yet, use the site to find great deals on couple spa offerings in your local area. Relaxation and comfort help breed romance and makes for a great pre-dinner activity on your Valentine’s Day.

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6. Plan a Getaway

trip to the local tropical island

Instead of just a trip to the local spa, what if you went to your most local tropical island? It is difficult not to be romantic when you are spending quality time together in paradise. Or, if you prefer, head out to the mountains and stay away from civilization for a bit – just the two of you. Whatever you choose, nothing is much more romantic than a splurge on an adventure for two.

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7. Pay Forward Multiple Date Nights

give gifts restaurant deal

Start a date night fund that she can redeem whenever she so chooses, and give her gift cards to be used at her favorite places – so she knows you have to take her, as the money has already been spent. This little extra commitment to spending more time together doing what she loves is a great way to show her how much she means to you.

Even a gift card to her favorite lunch-time shop she always visits can be an easy enhancement to other Valentine’s Day gifts and will show that you pay attention and care.

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8. Romantic Movies – The Greatest Show on Earth (1952)

The Greatest Show on Earth movie

Sometimes the perfect gift for a loved one is some quality time spent together. Trying to find hobbies or activities you can share is one of the best ways to ensure you always have things to discuss and ways to grow together.

During lockdowns, some couples have started to watch classic or rare movies together; sometimes the movies are romantic, some are dramatic, some are so bad they are funny – but the point is you experience them together.

Start with a rare but relatively popular movie of the era like The Greatest Show on Earth and add it to whatever else you are getting her. It’s an inexpensive way to show her you plan to spend quality time and are making an effort to share new things with her. This can also work for local live shows, art events, etc.

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9. Reversible Wrap Scarf

comfortable and beautiful scarve

Whether she has a penchant for Celtic goods or not, these comfortable and beautiful scarves are a great way to get her some beautiful clothing without risking the wrong size. These scarves are very versatile and can be used in several ways – all of them comfortable and cozy. Make sure she is always warm and comfortable on your nights out together.

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10. Premier Flowers

Ode a la rose flower bouquet

Flowers are the tried and true gift of Valentine’s Day, and it can be hard to find just what type (unless she has a strong preference for a particular flower) and where to buy. Ode a la Rose is a premier flower service that offers deluxe and beautiful bouquets that are sure to eclipse almost anything you find elsewhere.

If you are going with the basics for Valentine’s Day, make sure you do them right.

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More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Guide to Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 

This gift guide will help you find an excellent gift for her on Valentine’s Day, but the best gifts will always be the ones that are a combination of thoughtful, fun, and unique. You want a gift that reflects her interests, your relationship, and can be enjoyed or looked at.

  • For example, an I love you keepsake that makes for a thoughtful gift can be good, but perhaps should be paired with something fun and exciting. Making sure you cover all of these aspects is how you make a great gift experience. 
  • DIY projects you can do together, or unique artisan creations, will almost always be better than simply getting the top item on the Amazon category page. Of course, this depends on the gift recipient in question, but it is usually true.
  • Whether getting a gift for your best friend or the love of your life, you want to take the time to consider their interests and desires, beyond the surface. If you know, they have some topic or artist they love, spend some time understanding that artist, and then get them something only a fan would know to get. This shows both dedication to her interests, but also a commitment to your relationship.
  • A lot of the gift box options are good for combining elements, and you can add to them and tweak them yourself once they are delivered to add that unique pizazz or elements. Mementos from earlier dates, photos, or sweet love notes can spice up any care package.

Buy Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Early 

Are you getting your Valentine’s Day gift last minute? Don’t worry, everything on this list is ready to be ordered today. Don’t hesitate, and get your last-minute V-Day gift now.  Plus, it never hurts to be prepared ahead of time for these special occasions – the alternative of the gift coming late would be a disaster.

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