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Best Traditional Housewarming Gifts (2021 Guide)

Traditional gifts for housewarming celebrations are symbolic of the times when neighbors would go to a new home to chase off evil spirits with a warm fire and impart good wishes.

Those days may be over, but if a friend or loved one has just bought a new house, or you want to welcome the neighbors in a meaningful way, traditional housewarming gifts will never steer you wrong.

This list of traditional housewarming gift ideas will show the recipient that their well-being is important to you, and will also keep you from being stumped at finding housewarming gifts that are appropriate.

The Best Traditional Housewarming Gift Ideas in 2021

1. Spice Tower Rack & Spices

Different kind of spices in tower rack

A great traditional Indian housewarming gift as well as one of the top 10 traditional housewarming gifts in general, spices and herbs are a great addition to the kitchen. This revolving tower comes with 20 pre-filled and labeled glass spice jars and can include basil, parsley, oregano and garlic salt.

When the new homeowners run out of an herb, they don’t have to worry about picking any up from the store because this spice rack comes with free refills for 5 years!

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2. Wood Cutting Board

Traditional cutting board made of wood

This cutting board combines the traditional gift of bread, salt and wine with wood, another traditional gift for a housewarming party.

Made with two tones of bamboo, the bread, salt and wine quote from It’s a Wonderful Life is beautifully carved into the center of one side, so they never forget that you want them to live their best life. Combining two traditional housewarming gifts in one is also just pretty amazing.

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3. Assorted Candle Set

Traditional candle set

Confidence + Freedom, Reflection + Clarity and Peace + Tranquility make up the assortment of this candle set, providing 120 hours of burn time altogether.

Though candles are traditional housewarming gifts, these will be appreciated even more for their frosted jars that create a soft ambiance of light and self-trimming wicks that keep a flame at just the right height.

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4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium olive oil to cook

Olive oil is on every list of 10 traditional housewarming gifts as well as every grocery list because it is great for your health, delicious and has so many uses in the kitchen.

Imported from Italy, this olive oil was harvested from the best European groves. Certified Kosher, it has a delicate flavor of spicy and fruity notes. Having premium olive oil to cook with certainly is a great way to start living in a new house.

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5. Wooden Box and Inspirational Coins

Nine coins of inspirational phrase

Longer lasting than traditional gifts of bread or salt, this box comes with nine coins, each with an inspirational phrase. They can take the coin they need for the day, whether it is wisdom, confidence or strength and return it to the box later.

Traditional housewarming gifts like this one are great for new homeowners because moving is hard and changes all that used to be familiar. These coins help them start the day off with a word of encouragement, and will make them thankful housewarming traditions exist.

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6. Mini Honey Gift Set

Mini delicious honey jars

If you’re in need of a traditional housewarming gift basket or traditional Indian housewarming gifts, this mini gift set featuring four jars of premium raw honey may be the sweet gift idea you’re looking for.

Four flavors – orange blossom, berry, clover and wildflower – make up the assortment and they are all packaged in glass jars that can be reused once the delicious honey samples have been eaten up.

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7. Succulent Houseplants

5 hand-picked of succulents

Houseplants are traditional gifts for housewarmings that add to the décor and improve air quality. Because these are succulents, they are some of the easiest houseplants to care for and won’t add much time to a busy schedule.

You’ll receive 5 hand-picked plants that are fully rooted and guaranteed to be healthy and alive upon arrival. They don’t come in vases, but you can add plant holders yourself for a personal touch.

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Buyers Guide Tips

You may not be aware, but traditional gifts have special meanings and intended blessings for the person who receives them.

The original intention was to congratulate a newlywed couple on the start of their new lives together and fill their home with good health, life, and prosperity.

Some say these gifts are rooted in Italian custom, while others say Jewish, Indian or German. Most likely there were variations throughout the world because good neighbors and strong communities are global values.

If you’ve ever wondered what an item symbolized or want to choose housewarming gift ideas with a certain meaning, this guide is a perfect reference.


Candles cast out darkness and send the message “May your house always dwell in light and happiness”.


Giving someone a loaf of bread is to give the wish that they never go hungry and their cabinets remain full of food. Nowadays, you should probably know if the recipient has sensitivity to gluten or give an electric bread maker for a modern take.

Salt or Herbs

Salt was once very valuable and symbolized wealth as well as hospitality. The blessing for the recipient is that they may live a life full of spice and flavor.


Traditional housewarming gifts with pineapples came from the Caribbean and were wishes of warmth, celebration and good cheer.

Olive Oil

Olive oil sends blessings of good health. Another interpretation is for a full lamp so that light is always in the home.


Once considered very precious, a gift of honey wishes that the recipient enjoys all the sweetness of life.


An ability to care for loved ones is indicated by caring for plants. It is a wish that a home always has life inside of it.


Gifts made of wood signify warm wishes of stability, harmony and peace for all who live within the walls of a house.


If you want to wish someone good fortune, a gift of coins was the way to do it. Money trees also work to bring good luck and fortune.


Traditional housewarming gifts come from many cultures, but the sentiments are the same: to wish health, happiness and a good start in a new home.