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Best Thank-You Gifts for Women (2021 Guide)

Buying Valentine’s Day, holiday or birthday gifts for female friends, family or coworkers, isn’t always the easiest task, but most people are able to manage. When it comes to buying thank you gifts for women, however, it can feel like the stakes are higher.

Using a thank you gift to genuinely express gratitude to an impactful boss, spouse, friend or family member is something you want to get just right, but it is much easier than it may seem.

For the amazing coworker who corrected your mistake without an ounce of judgement, the problem-solving mom or the neighbor that found your cat, these thank you gift ideas will let them know how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you.

Top 7 Best Thank-You Gift Ideas for Women in 2021

1. Monogram Charging Dock & Organizer

Charging Station with phone and keys

Able to accommodate laptops, tablets and smartphones, this charging station effectively eliminates all of those tangled cables by keeping chargers in one place. A professional organizer with a walnut veneer core, its design is durable yet appealing.

One of the most useful thank you gifts for a boss, teacher or coworker, customize it with their name or a kind message to make it a truly unique gift.

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2. Capri Blue Volcano Glass Candle

blue volcano glass candle

With a scent of tropical fruits and citrus, this 17 oz. candle is a thoughtful thank you gift for a teacher or loved one in need of relaxation. The hexagonal shape and brushed gold metal lid add to the beauty of the mercury glass vessel holding the candle.

Beautifully designed, it will enhance any home decor with its look and wonderful smell. After the candle has been used, the glass can be repurposed.

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3. Smart Coffee Warmer

Smart coffee warmer

The perfect gift for people who never get to enjoy their hot beverages, this coffee mug warmer has a built-in gravity induction switch that makes the on/off switch a thing of the past. The sleek design will look good on any desk and it is available in four color options.

A useful Valentine’s Day gift for a tech-head or thank you gift for teachers, this is one of the best gifts because they won’t expect it.

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4. Hourglass Sand Timer

Minimalist design sand timer

How do you thank someone for their time? Give them time in return.

Made from borosilicate glass, the minimalist design of this 30-minute timer is effortlessly chic and absolutely classic. It comes with a beech wood stand and has black and white sand options.

One of the more unique thank you gifts for coworkers and bosses that will boost their productivity, it makes a great thank you gift for bridesmaids, Christmas and Valentine’s Day too.

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5. Office of the Queen Crossing Sign

Faux crossing sign

Thank you gifts for bosses can be fun when done right, and this faux crossing sign is perfection. The yellow aluminum sign is 12×12 and decorated to look like a caution road sign with the caption “office of the queen bee” (with a picture of an actual bee).

A great gift for indoor or outdoor use, she’ll proudly hang it somewhere for all to see.

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6. Leather Journal

High-quality leather journal

Handcrafted from premium split leather, this thoughtful gift gives her space for her ideas, adventures, thoughts, art and anything else she wants to record. It has 240 pages of thick, lined paper and arrives in a high-quality gift box which adds a special touch to this keepsake.

A beautiful way to say thank you, make it a thank you gift for a baby shower hostess, graduation or birthday.

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7. Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle

Best Thank-You Gifts for Women (2021 Guide) Image 1

A great thank you gift idea for those who have a lot of gratitude to express, each capsule contains a blank piece of paper so you can tell her how much you appreciate what she’s done for you.

Small, but mighty, this is one of the best all-purpose, semi-DIY thank you gifts for women, able to be presented a thank you gift for baby shower hosts, bridesmaids, teachers, mothers, daughters – you get the picture.

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Drop the Doubt: A Guide to Thank You Gifts for Women

Spending hours wandering around the mall, thinking until your head hurts about what thank you gift to buy, only to turn up with a gift you’re not sure expresses the level of appreciation you want is not an experience you want to repeat.

Plenty of us have been there before, but the tips in this gift guide will help you shed that doubt. You’ll be a great gift-giver once you stop overthinking it.

1. Make it personal

Custom gifts can take a gift that may have been too practical into an item they’ll instantly love.

A desk organizer is something a lot of office workers may need, but they probably don’t have one. Get a personalized desk organizer with their name on it or a thank you message in beautiful script, and suddenly you have a conversation-starter that’s beautiful to look at. And oh yeah, helps them organize their desk.

2. Be yourself

If you are saying thank you to someone, they helped you with something. Help is not earned, it is given.

With that being said, if you are funny, give a fun gift. If you are deeply sentimental, look for thank you gift ideas that stir the emotions. Whether it’s a holiday gift for a volunteer to thank them for their hard work or a small hostess gift, let your gift express your gratitude in a way that is genuine to who you are.

3. Link your thank you to their act of kindness

Thank you gifts, in theory, should be easier than other types of gift-giving because you are giving it for a specific reason. Using the situation – whether it was at work, school or on the subway – allows you to narrow down the huge array of gift ideas.

For example, if a librarian went out of her way to get a book to you, give her a superhero bookend. It’s a simple, yet cool way to say her act of kindness was appreciated.

4. Be timely

By following up with a thank you gift soon after getting that new promotion or getting vital help with a project, any gift will make clear what words in a thank you note may not be able to express.

Giving a nice thank you gift basket or gift card, with a few simple words of thanks is perfect. Most likely, they helped you with no expectation of receiving anything, so any gift they do receive will be a huge surprise – similar to the surprise you may have felt when they helped you.

Use our gift ideas and guide to go forth confidently when buying thank you gifts for women who have been awesome to you.