Stand Up Against Poverty
For the fourth consecutive year, millions of people around the world will “Stand Up and Take Action” to demand that world leaders end poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

In September 2000, 189 world leaders adopted the MDGs as part of the Millennium Declaration at the United Nations Millennium Summit. The MDGs offer us a roadmap to end poverty and its root causes.

The MDG’s set an unprecedented global framework for development that is a crucial step towards ending poverty and inequality by 2015.

The eight MDG goals include:
Last year, a record-breaking 116 million people stood up and took action to end poverty and help achieve these Goals. This movement has set a new Guinness World Record for the largest mobilization around a single cause in recorded history.

However, this is a time of extraordinary challenge. The global financial crisis is having a devastating impact on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, and the climate crisis threatens to undo the gains that have been made towards achieving the MDGs. With only six years left to the 2015 deadline, no region is on track to achieve their goals.

We must make fulfilling the MDGs an urgent priority, and ‘Stand Up, Take Action’ is a vital opportunity to send a clear directive to world leaders to deliver on the promise they made to the world’s people to usher in a new era of equality, health, and prosperity.

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  2. Join the Stand Up Against Poverty Event on October 16-18th.  Click here to find an event in your area.