Here at GlobalMojo we believe that working to make small changes in everyday life can have a collectively huge impact in changing the world around you. Even one person’s efforts can effect a powerful change, and the results multiply exponentially as more people get involved. When we talk about ways to “Spread The Mojo,” we’re talking about using your social network and community to multiply the effect of your efforts and have a greater positive impact on the world.

We want you to join the GlobalMojo community with big dreams – ending homelessness, curing diseases, and protecting the planet—but since no one person can do that on their own, we’ve come up with some easy ways for you to spread the Mojo in your daily life.

Three Easy Ways to Spread the Mojo

1.  Take action to improve your own corner of the world.

Do you have fond memories of spending time at the local YMCA? Was there a teacher who changed your life? Did your favorite pet come from a pet shelter? In short, what organizations have made your life better in some way?

Now that you have identified some worthy causes, go to and click on Search All Causes.  Enter keywords and your city to search over 1.5 million organizations to find those working for your cause, on a local, national or global scale.

The good news is you don’t have to choose just one issue.  You can support up to four charities at once, and decide how much of the revenue you generate they receive.

It’s that easy.  With just a few clicks, you are supporting your community and the causes you care about just by doing what you do every day.  It might not seem like much at first, but when you join a movement of socially conscious users committed to spreading the Mojo, all of those small choices have a major impact.

2.  Ask your social network to support the causes you care about — AND the causes they care about too.

Another great way to spread the Mojo is to get your family, friends, and colleagues involved. If one person can make a positive change; imagine the impact you can make if you get 10, 20 or 50 other people to support your favorite causes using GlobalMojo! offers two easy ways to spread The Mojo:

Ask a friend to download the browser & support the causes they care about.
Do you have a friend who is active on a local PTA, or a relative who volunteers for a local food bank?  Tell them about GlobalMojo using our email invitations, or by posting GlobalMojo on your social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. Click here to visit our Tell a friend page.

Ask your friends and family to support the cause you care about.
Go to your “My Causes” page to review the organizations and schools that you currently support. Click Invite Friends, and our simple invitation tools make it easy to invite others to support your specific cause via email or social media.

3.  Spread the Mojo online & join our Social Networks!
A simple way to spread the Mojo is to use social media. You can become a GlobalMojo fan on Facebook, and follow GlobalMojo on Twitter, and then spread the word by inviting your friends to become a fan  as well.



Now is the time for positive and collective world change.

Browse with purpose!