Carrie over at Organic & Thrifty has a useful post up about how she shops and saves on wholesome foods at Costco. Here’s part of what she had to say:

I am fortunate to live within walking distance to Costco, which allows me to limit my spending on large items. I go weekly to Costco and pick up the items that our family eats on a regular basis and it ends up being a very thrifty place for me to shop. The advantages to shopping at Costco are that Costco does strive to carry local products, and they are improving their selection of quality food offerings.

The downside to Costco is that you do have to pay an annual membership fee, the crowds are often unbearable, and the produce is not locally grown.

Read the full post here.

I would tend to agree with her. Our family also saves a lot by shopping at Costco, but the downsides she mentioned are all true. Overall, though, we feel that our Costco membership is worthwhile and so we continue to shop there about once a month or so.

She gave a long list of the foods and general prices that she pays. As I am in Canada, my purchases and prices are different, but I also buy some similar items:

  • Canned and frozen wild sockeye salmon
  • Almond butter
  • Organic peanut butter
  • Frozen organic green beans, peas and sweet corn
  • Canned tomato paste (not organic)
  • Organic corn chips (Que Pasa brand in Canada- they use lime to prepare the corn)
  • Organic tomato sauce (usually for emergencies or difficult seasons like morning sickness)
  • Organic spring salad mixes
  • Free-range eggs (only when I can’t get my usual ones from my local farmer)
  • Brown rice (long-grain and also basmati)
  • Sprouted grain bread (like Silver Hills)

I also pick up things like bulk white vinegar for cleaning, bulk baking soda, light bulbs, trash bags, contact solution, etc. and find that those basic purchases are much cheaper at Costco than most other places. When I travel down to the US, I also sometimes pick up the Aidell’s nitrate-free chicken sausages she mentioned, as well as cheese and organic butter.

What about you? Do you find it worthwhile to shop at Costco and which items do you buy there?

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