If you’re blessed like me, your mom is undoubtedly the coolest, most supportive, and dare I say, jazziest person you know. She kissed your boo-boo’s when you were a little tyke and lent a shoulder to cry on later in life.

This Mother’s Day, why not ditch the chocolates and flowers, and opt for a truly hero-worthy gift she deserves?

Through Samahope’s #HonorYourMom campaign, you have the opportunity to honor your own mother while at the same time save the life of a new mom in need.

What Exactly is #HonorYourMom?

Brought to you by Samahope, a nonprofit organization that supports heroic doctors in the developing world, the #HonorYourMom campaign represents a unique Mother’s Day gift that specifically supports safe births and critical medical treatments for new mothers in the developing world.

Honor your own mother with a small donation in her name, and she’ll receive a personalized gift on Mother’s Day.


Here’s How To #HonorYourMom:

  1. Sort through photos of you and your mom. While you’re at it, take a walk down memory lane, filling your mind with beautiful thoughts of her.
  2. Pick out a favorite photo and upload it along with your favorite memory of what makes your mom so special.
  3. Make a small donation in honor of your mother. It takes as little as $5 to provide a safe birth and treat common birth defects.

On Mother’s Day, your mom will receive an email with a link to a personalized web page praising her with your memories and special photo. She’ll also receive a printed card in the mail letting her know you’ve made a donation on her behalf that will go to provide medical care for new mothers in need everywhere from Uganda to Nepal.


Last year, the #HonorYourMom campaign successfully funded 280 critical medical treatments, among which were 200 safe births.

In 2015, #HonorYourMom raised over $16,000, and part of the proceeds went towards the Nepalese earthquake relief efforts. With your help, they can do so much more.

The Good Work of Samahope and SamaGroup

Samahope provides crowdfunding for doctors in developing countries, with a large focus on safe births. The organization identifies medical providers who serve poor communities and provides them with the resources necessary to drive change.

Samahope is also a member of the SamaGroup, a family of social ventures with the goal of alleviating poverty and advancing justice.

We are big fans of SamaGroup and the great work that they do, both nonprofit and for-profit. In fact, we personally use SamaSource, an extension of the company that utilizes the power of the Internet to match marginalized women and youths with sustainable work.

The SamaGroup also has an educational arm called SamaSchool that provides instruction in economically viable soft and hard skills for members of low-income communities.


If you missed Mother’s Day or you’ve been inspired as much as we were, you’ll be happy to know that you can now support Samahope through Giving Assistant year-round.

If you’re not already a member, it works like this: Join Giving Assistant, save money with coupons and cash back, and choose to donate some or all of your cash back savings to Samahope every time you shop. It’s as simple as that, and you’ll be saving lives of mothers and newborns all around the world.