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Best Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for Her (2021 Guide)

Are you ready to woo your significant other with romantic treats? Maybe you’re searching for something special, something unique. You want to get her something so that it’s a Valentine’s Day to remember!

As you search the web, it’s essential to consider all of your options for romantic gifts for her. Here’s a look at some of our favorite gift ideas, along with tips for finding the best options for your significant other.

The Best Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for Her in 2021

1. Kay Jewelers Bolo Bracelet

Kay Bolo Bracelet

This Bolo Bracelet ($279.99) from KAY Jewelers will sparkle just like her! It features round diamonds on a sterling silver chain with a chic pull-tie clasp. And KAY even offers a digital size comparison tool so you can keep your gift a complete surprise.

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2. King’s Ransom Red Wine, Fruit & Gourmet Gift Basket

wine, fruits and gourmet delights

Romantic gift lists should always start with wine and chocolate. And this wine, fruit, and gourmet delights is going to be a solid contender for any evening of romance, even if it’s for a night other than February 14th. It contains cabernet sauvignon, sparkling white wine, 18 pieces of delectable fresh fruit, and tons of luscious foods including truffles, cheese, cookies, wafers, candies, and more.

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3. “Forever & Always” Engraved Couples Birthstone Necklace

sterling silver 18k gold plated necklace

Looking for a way to share your love for one another in a simple, but romantic, way before date night? This sterling silver, 18K gold plated necklace features a dual heart design. You can get it personalized with 2 names or monograms, and your birthstones. It comes with a gift box so that you can wrap it up nicely and keep it safe until Valentine’s Day.

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4. Custom Birthday Book

coffee table book

The New York Times has a special keepsake that is a great birthday gift or Valentine’s Day gift. The 12” by 15” coffee table book begins with the front page of the New York Times on the day your loved one was born. The rest of the book is personalized with the front page from every birthday that they’ve had. This gift is available with a linen or leatherette cover and is the perfect way to show your love for her on V-Day.

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5. Celtic Weave Paperweight Compass

romantic keepsake compass paperweight

Has your significant other helped you to find your way? Then this Celtic Weave Compass Paperweight is a romantic keepsake that they can keep with them as a reminder of their place in your life. The compass (which actually works!) is in piece of pewter, outlined with Celtic Knotwork from Irish artisans.

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6. Shipwreck Mug Set

romantic but comical pair of mugs

Just like teddy bears and chocolate, coffee mugs are favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas. This romantic, but comical pair of mugs helps to show everyone who’s steering the ship, and who’s along for the ride! They hold 13.5 ounces and are both dishwasher and microwave safe. 

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7. Royal Dream Large Sheepskin Rug

shell pink deep pile rug

Looking for new home décor that screams “romance” in your home? Your significant other will love their dreamy new sheepskin rug in a shell pink that’s truly heavenly. It’s a deep pile rug that you can lie across the living room or bedroom floor, a bed, or a chair. It’s cozy, comfortable, and eye catching, and measures 120cm by 60cm (sizes may vary based on the sheepskin used).

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8. With Love Cookie & Brownie Gift Box

big sweet filled with chocolate chip cookies

Baked goods are a great last minute gift – even when you’re being romantic! Filled with chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter brownies, and more, this gift box is the best gift for saying “I love you” to someone that has a big sweet tooth. It’s a great gift for friends and family, as well – because who doesn’t love getting baked goods?

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9. Golden Elegance Gift Tower with Ghirardelli

gift towers with delicious chocolate

Ghirardelli is synonymous with decadent and delicious chocolate, and these gift towers emphasize that in the best way possible. This is a romantic way to provide the best treats to your sweetheart. Filled with milk and dark chocolates, cookies, popcorn, caramels, and other Ghirardelli treats, this tower is sure to please. Choose a 5 tier tower or a “Grand” 7 tier tower.

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10. Nest Bedding Cooling Topper

cooling topper

You’ve fallen in love with each other, now fall in love with where you sleep! Thoughtful gifts can be romantic gifts too, and what better way to top off a romantic evening than on this mattress topper!

With 2” in height, this cooling topper is easily attached to the top of any mattress with a strap on each corner. It keeps you and your significant other cool while you’re sleeping and is made with memory-style foam. They also have pillowcases available with the same features.

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11. Surrounded by Love Musical Keepsake

cream dress stands 7.5 musical keepsake

This Surrounded By Love Musical keepsake makes for a very special Valentine’s Day or Anniversary gift. Designed by artist Susan Lordi, a woman in a cream dress stands 7.5” in height and plays the song “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” when you turn it on. It also includes a gift box and card for easy gift giving.

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More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Do You Know Where to Find Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for Her?

Self-care is always romantic

It’s always romantic to remind your loved one to care for their body and mind. Whether you get them their favorite thing to eat, take them for a drive under the night sky, or buy skincare products made with their preferred essential oils, they’re sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness that you put into finding great products and unique gifts focused on self-care. 

Seek out high quality jewelry

Jewelry is another common item that comes up when you talk about romantic gifts. It’s a best seller throughout January and February for a reason! A new bangle, a sterling silver necklace, or a fancy charm to add to their bracelet are among the ideas that you can consider if you want to make her swoon with the best jewelry gifts.

Be decadent with food and drink choices

Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and Valentine’s Day gifts should always be decadent if food is involved. You want to look for great wine and food pairings, or you want to get them a gift set so that they can enjoy them as they wish to do so. But don’t skimp on the quality or the taste. Romantic food and drink can go a long way, even if you get a gift card and pick it out together.

Enjoying Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

There are so many ways to be romantic outside of date night ideas, and it looks different for everyone. As long as you personalize things and you ensure that they are personalized for them, then you will be well on your way to making a romantic experience that they will never forget.

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