The Nonprofit Times reported last week that almost 40% of nonprofits lack the necessary staff members to deliver services.

A recent survey conducted as part of the John Hopkins University Center for Civil Society Studies’ Listening Post Project revealed that a large percentage of nonprofits have been forced to take actions that impact their workers.  These actions range from increasing workloads and hours, freezing salaries and cutting wages, reducing benefits and, for nearly 33% of nonprofits, eliminating staff positions.

Without the requisite staff, nonprofits are unable to support the beneficiaries that have come to rely upon them.

Peter Goldberg, chair of the  Listening Post Project Steering Committee stressed the urgency of the situation: “It is crucial to take steps now to help sustain the vital work of America’s nonprofit organizations.” To read the entire article, please click here and to review more detailed results of the survey, visit the John Hopkins website.

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