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14 Proven Tips for Raising More Donations with Giving Assistant

Nonprofits who use the Giving Assistant fundraising platform know how easy it is to set up and start collecting donations. But did you know that by following a few simple tips you could easily double your donations?

Just by sharing your nonprofit’s fundraising link a few times, you could start earn a steady stream of donations through passive fundraising.

We know Nonprofits are busy. So without adding more items to your marketing to-do list, or putting in a ton of extra effort— we’ve made it simple to earn even more.

Try these 14 fundraising tips to get the most out of Giving Assistant:

Raise More Donations with These 14 Tips (That Work!) 

1. Use the Button! 

Unlike with Amazon Smile, you don’t have to remember to visit Giving Assistant’s site. The Button (our browser extension) works with Chrome, Firefox, and more, and makes using Giving Assistant a true “set it and forget it” experience. If you’re on a site where cash back donations are available, the extension will get to work ensuring any eligible purchases will result in donations.

2. Customize your Giving Assistant fundraising page.

This takes about 5 minutes! Add your logo, a photo or video, or your mission statement to your Giving Assistant fundraising page. It helps verify that it’s you, so people are more likely to sign up and shop to support you.

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3. Put your Giving Assistant link on your website’s Ways to Give page.

People need more than one way to support you. When direct donations don’t work for them—or when they want to do more—they’ll be glad to discover that their everyday online shopping (and saving!) can raise extra money for you. So be sure there’s a link to your Giving Assistant fundraising page on your site! It just takes a couple of minutes, but can make a big difference.

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4. Use it yourself, and share it with your personal community.

Be sure to join Giving Assistant and install our browser extension! And of course, tell your friends and family to use it, too. A simple message is all it takes. Something like: “Just wanted to tell you about Giving Assistant! It’s like a coupon/cash back site, or an extension like Honey, except your shopping will raise donations for our nonprofit.”

Note: Anyone can support you on Giving Assistant, with or without your fundraising page link. During the sign-up flow, or in their account settings, users can search for your nonprofit by name and select you that way, too.

5. Use it to shop for your nonprofit’s needs.

You’d be surprised what you can raise donations shopping for: 

14 Proven Tips for Raising More Donations with Giving Assistant Image 4

6. Share with your co-workers, friends, and families.

Mention Giving Assistant at your next staff meeting, in an email, on Slack, or somewhere else everyone in your company will see it. Tell them it’s an easy way to raise donations for your organization, and ask them to join and share.

7. Use the tools in your Giving Assistant dashboard. 

To save you time, we’ve added everything from graphics to pre-written copy you can snag and use on your website, on social, and more.

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8. Use and share double cash back (and triple cash back) events.

Sometimes we will offer double cash back or even triple cash back at certain stores! That’s an opportunity for your community to keep some cash back while sharing the same amount with you—or to double or triple their donation to you. So keep an eye on your email and follow us on social media. We’ll do our best to let you know when double or triple cash back events are on, so you’ll know when to tell your donors, co-workers, and friends…and when to shop yourself!

9. Share the stores your community likes.

Most people will love to know that brands like The Home Depot, the Container Store, Blue Apron, Michael’s craft stores, and even Walgreens are brands they can shop at to raise donations for you. But there are other great times to remind people that they can shop and give: 

  • In the winter, remind them that their coat purchases at Columbia or the North Face can help you. 
  • Are you a literacy nonprofit? Let them know there are tons of booksellers they can shop on Giving Assistant (like Book Outlet and Barnes and Noble) that will raise more donations for you. 
  • Are you an animal-related nonprofit? Be sure your community knows they can order from brands like 1-800-Pet-Meds or Petco and Barkbox and raise donations for you at the same time. 

10. Share when there are seasonal shopping events.

Holiday shopping, back-to-school, Mother’s Day…your community is shopping online for all of these events, and if they aren’t using Giving Assistant, that’s a big missed opportunity for you! Look at your nonprofit’s social media or marketing calendar, and jot down when big shopping seasons are so you can remember to share your fundraising page at those times. (All you have to do is pop it in with your regularly scheduled marketing!) 

11. Add it to your email signature.

Easy! Just put your fundraising page URL under your email signature. You could write, “Shop and support us!” or “Raise cash back donations for us,” or “Support us with Giving Assistant.” Whatever sounds right to you!

12. Include it in your social media planning.

Next time you’re going through your social media calendar, don’t forget to make a post or two each month reminding people to use Giving Assistant when they shop. Tie the posts in with special shopping seasons like Mother or Father’s day, or tell them about brands you think they’ll like. Or, just remind them that it’s another easy thing they can do to support you!

13. Thank your donors!

In your fundraising dashboard, you can include a custom thank you message your donors will receive via email when they donate cash back to you. You can also make social media updates or send emails once or twice a year thanking your community for supporting you with their shopping. 

14. Install the browser extension. 

Well, it bears mentioning again. Remember—with the Button, you don’t have to visit our site! Just install, and shop away. And tell everyone you know! 


With Giving Assistant, it’s really easy to get set up and fundraise through your community’s normal online shopping. If they know how to use Honey, Amazon Smile, RetailMeNot, or any other shopping site or browser extension, they can easily use Giving Assistant!

All you have to do is tell them! Happy shopping!