Over at Keeper of the Home today, I have posted a laundry soap review done by myself and 4 other moms. All of the brands that we tested and reviewed are considered to be natural and eco-friendly.

We compared brands based on cleanliness of clothes, scent, ease of use, how clean they rinsed, how they worked for cloth diapers, and whether we would purchase them or not. You can see the entire review here.

I also wanted to compare prices, because no matter how well something works, for most of us price is still a major deciding factor.

Below is a chart that compares the 6 major brands that we looked at, showing their prices on various websites or through the natural foods co-op I buy from.

Here’s the final price comparison, starting with the cheapest:

  1. Country Save10.6 cents per load
  2. Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts (and they might actually be the same as Country Save, considering that this one is in Canadian dollars)-  10-13 cents per load
  3. Charlie’s Soap17 cents per load
  4. Nellie’s Laundry Soda– just under 24 cents per load
  5. Seventh Generation Laundry 2x Liquid– just over 24 cents per load
  6. Rockin’ Green30 cents per load

I have compared based on their average size package, or the smallest packaging that I could find on each website. It should also be noted that I based my per-load cost on the amount that would be used by a regular washer, not an HE washer (which uses only 1/2 the amount of soap, for most brands, though not all).

Some of these brands do come in very large bulk: Charlie’s Soap has a huge bucket, and so does Nellie’s. Seventh Generation can be bought in large cases on many sites (Amazon and Soap.com, for instance), or in much bigger sizes from a co-op (plus they often have coupons).

Country Save can be purchased in massive boxes and Earth’s Berries soap nuts can be bought in up to 300-400 wash packages. Rockin’ Green does also have a 90/180 load size, which breaks down slightly cheaper.

For those mamas who are happy to make their own laundry detergent, none of these can hold a candle to a cost-per-load of potentially $0.03!

This review really just looked at a smattering of the brands that are out there, but I always find it so eye-opening to do this kind of detailed cost analysis and really see the numbers for myself!

What brand of laundry soap do you use? How much does price factor into your choice and where do you get the best deals on it?