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Best Practical Housewarming Gifts (2021 Guide)

Do you need practical housewarming gifts for a new homeowner or a friend who is living alone (without roommates) for the first time?

They are bound to get baskets of bread, cheese and meats, a bottle of wine or two and plenty of candle gift sets.

Those are all great gift ideas, but getting them a housewarming gift that they’ll actually use will be something they’ll appreciate for a long time. It will also be one less thing they have to buy or think about, helping them save money and time.

With practical housewarming gift ideas for every budget, you’ll find the perfect gift on this list for women, men, your cousin or your best friend.

The Best Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas in 2021

1. Safe Box

Black security safe box

Help a new house protect its valuables with this security safe box. Pry-resistant, it is battery operated with an electronic lock and 2 override keys in case of an emergency.

A home safe is one of the best practical housewarming gifts because they are typically purchased only after a break-in. Instead of waiting until there’s nothing to put in a safe, you can save them from themselves by making a smart investment on their behalf.

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2. Contemporary Address Sign Plaque

Modern Horizontal cutout numbers

It’s easy to forget that simple practical housewarming gifts can be decorative as well. This address plaque is modern and made with two layers – the top is concrete and the bottom made of marine plywood. The horizontal cutout numbers look great and the plaque is durable enough to withstand all weather conditions.

Giving someone this kind of housewarming gift is considerate, commemorative and extremely memorable.

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3. Tool Kit

Tool boxes

Tool boxes make for great practical housewarming gifts for apartments as well as new homeowners because something is going to need fixing regardless of the type of place the recipient resides in – it’s Murphy’s Law, not ours. This kit has 148 pieces, is resistant to corrosion and comes in a handy storage case to keep everything together.

This is one of the best practical housewarming gifts for guys and girls, and for the record, the color absolutely doesn’t matter.

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4. Do-It-Yourself Manual

Book title complete do-it-yourself manual

A home or apartment is a source of comfort, pride and happiness for most people, not an endless money pit. This well-written DIY manual accurately addresses the latest technology, tools and materials to make your friend or loved one smarter about all home-related things and is loved by handy men and women.

Most practical housewarming gifts don’t require reading, but the recipient of this one book will overlook it when they see how useful it really is.

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5. Standard Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an oft-forgotten purchase but makes one of the most solid practical gifts for a housewarming, especially in the modern world we live in, where covering your losses isn’t as important as it once was.

This multipurpose extinguisher can fight plastic, oil, paper, wood, trash and electrical equipment fires and is U.S. Coast Guard approved. Practical housewarming gifts don’t get much more practical than this.

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6. Picture Frame Hanging Kit

Tool for hanging frame and pictures

They’ll be no more crooked pictures hanging in the living room, making re-straightening frames a thing of the past. Pictures can be hung in 30 seconds or less with no wall damage and nothing to clean up. It can hang up to 40 picture frames.

This tool for hanging pictures is one of the most practical housewarming gift ideas that no one would think to get. That’s what makes it a great gift and it can easily be added to any DIY practical housewarming gift baskets.

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7. Mail and Key Holder

Key organizer for keys or GPS devices

This mail and key organizer is perfect for a hallway, office or entryway, providing five hooks for keys or GPS devices and a roomy basket to hold notes, mail and anything else you may need on the way out.

Though practical housewarming gifts like doormats and cutting boards will be at every housewarming party, how many people are helping new homeowners keep up with their keys and mail?

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Buyers Guide Tips

The best practical housewarming gifts are great because they often address the ongoing complaints and frustration that people have, or aren’t even aware that they may have.

Some people may feel that practical housewarming gift ideas are intrusive, weird or far too practical to be good gift ideas, but they are often the perfect gift.


Here is why practical housewarming gifts are fantastic.

  • They help improve areas that someone needs help with.
  • It shows you have paid attention to someone’s actual needs.

The gift doesn’t always matter as much as the meaning it carries.

Use these principles to apply to your practical gift-giving.

They are mostly applicable when used for close relationships or family members, but a few can even be applied to just about everyone, even strangers.

Make the Recipient Feel Truly Seen

In a time where there’s so much pressure to live up to unfair comparisons or someone else’s expectations, giving someone the gift of being understood or known is a rare commodity.

To use this principle and choose great practical gifts for housewarmings, focus your full attention on the person you’re getting a gift for. Perceived desirability of a gift is valued more highly than it should be. In reality, people value convenience and ease of use more than a unique or creative gift.

Gather the information you have about the person, paying attention to their likes, dislikes, habits and requests and you’ll understand what they need.

Bring the Best Out of Them

Being recognized for something you’re really good at is the only thing that most people like more than being seen.

No matter how self-deprecating or discreet someone may be, they have talents, good traits and passions. Do-it-yourself books are simple practical housewarming gifts, but given to the person that loves fixing things, it becomes the absolute best gift.

The point is that powerful practical housewarming gifts for guys, women or your parents are going to enhance their best qualities instead of fixing their faults.

Use these gifts as a symbol of positivity, helping them to love and appreciate themselves, and your, more.


What makes practical housewarming gifts truly memorable are the feelings they evoke and circumstances surrounding them.

They help people feel productive while also promoting their happiness.