2010 has been a challenging year for nonprofit organizations. In the current economic environment, schools and nonprofits are finding it harder and harder to raise much-needed funds.

Experts are encouraging worthy organizations to think creatively when it comes to fundraising. Today’s article in the Philanthropy Journal outlines several important considerations nonprofits should heed to when trying to raise money.

One key consideration is leveraging social media outlets. As Craig Haubrich writes, “Your audience has become increasingly dependent upon social media to obtain their information, so it is important that you utilize social media to deliver your message.”

We couldn’t agree more.

One of GlobalMojo’s highest priorities is helping nonprofits and schools build an active, engaged community of online supporters. We offer several Free Partner Services Tools in the Nonprofit and School Services section of our website.

These tools are designed to help nonprofits utilize the Internet as a fundraising and communication channel. In our Implementing a Social Networking Campaign section,  GlobalMojo provides step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a social media campaign, with sample templates, facebook status messages and twitter updates for your use.

If you work for or manage a school or nonprofit, we encourage you to take advantage of these tools! If not, please encourage the organizations you care about to set up their own GlobalMojo browser and fundraising program here.

Thanks for reading and happy browsing!