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Best Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts (2021 Guide)

Mother’s Day is coming up, and as usual, you want to get your mom a special gift to show her how much you love her. Not just any present or nicknack will do. One of the best ways to show your mom you care is to get her a personalized gift.

There are many personalized gifts on the market, making it easy to find something your mom will love. There are personalized gifts to fit almost any interest or personality. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite personalized Mother’s Day gifts below.

The Best Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts in 2021

Looking for the best gift for Mom this year? Here are the top personalized Mother’s Day gifts you need to keep an eye out for in 2021.

1. Personalized Stationery

Personalized stationery from 123print.com

Your mom will love personalized stationery from 123print.com. If she enjoys writing letters, gift her some beautiful paper and letterheads. For a special touch, you can create it yourself. If your mom does any sort of business, you can make her a set of business cards or post-it notes. Another great option is a personalized calendar with photos your mom will love.

2. Family Names Personalized Throw Pillow Cover

Minimalist throw pillow cover

Mothers love anything with their kids’ names on it, whether their kids are young or older. Consider this minimalist throw pillow cover from A Gift Personalized for Mother’s Day. You submit the names of your mother’s children and the company will print a pillow cover. The style is simple, perfect for the mom who likes a clean, modern look and also wants to celebrate her children.

3. Always in My Heart Charm Bangle

Beautiful jewelry from Alex and Ani charm bangle

Alex and Ani make beautiful jewelry and their “Always in My Heart” charm bangle is a lovely gift for the mom who wants to show the world she’s proud of her children. You can make this gift even more special by having it engraved with names or birth dates. It comes in beautiful Rafelian silver and features a cute charm with hearts.

4. Mom’s Favorite Photos

Favorite phot from AllPhoters

Your mom will be delighted by a print of her favorite photo from AllPosters. You can upload your photos and choose from a variety of options and sizes. If you want something ready to hang, you can have the print framed or you can choose a gallery-quality canvas, acrylic, or wood mounted. This gift is so easy because you order it and it’s ready to go.

5. Family Tree

AncestryDNA Page

If you have a mother who’s into genealogy, consider a subscription to Ancestry.com. She can research her family history and create a family tree. You can even get it started for her. You can also gift her with an AncestryDNA kit so she can learn more about where she comes from and track her genes and traits.

Savings Tip: Earn up to 8% from your Ancestry DNA purchase to keep or donate to charity.

6. Personalized Star Map

Personalized star map from bestCanvas

Commemorate an important day for your mother, such as the birth of a child or the date of her wedding, with a personalized star map from BestCanvas. You get to choose the date, the color, and the dedication, so you can make it truly unique for your mom. The star map is also framed, so it’s ready to be gifted.

7. Personalized Snow Globe

Personalized Snow globe

This personalized snow globe is perfect for the mom who wants to put her kids’ or grandkids’ names on display. This beautiful snow globe features the quote “Forever in a Mother’s Heart.” There’s room on the base for up to six names in a gorgeous platinum script. Your mom will love putting this snow globe on the mantle, on a dresser, or any other place of prominence.

8. A Subscription to Candy Club

Candy club monthly program

If your mom has a sweet tooth, you should consider gifting her with a subscription to Candy Club. This monthly subscription program lets you personalize it for your mom by choosing her favorite types of candy. Whether she prefers chocolate, sour, or sweet, they have her covered. She’ll then get a box in the mail each month with a new selection of candies for her to try.

9. 3D Photo Prints

3D Illusion Photo print from Canvas Champ

Does your mom love photography? You can print one of her photos in a compelling way by getting her a 3D photo print from Canvas Champ. You’ll submit one of your mom’s favorite photos, perhaps a landscape or a nature print, and Canvas Champ will turn it into a 3D marvel. The 3D illusion will make your mom’s favorite photo even more special, and it comes with a frame, making it convenient for you.

10. Fruit Basket

Fruit basket from Capalbo's Gift Baskets

Fruit baskets are a common Mother’s Day gift, but you can take yours to the next level by ordering from Capalbo’s. They offer a variety of baskets, from fruit to meats and cheeses to champagne and wine. You can make it extra special by adding a personalized ribbon that your mom will love.

11. CauseBox Subscription

Causebox subscription page

If your mom is environmentally and socially conscious, she may love a subscription to CauseBox. They only offer ethically made products and you can customize your mother’s box with the types of items she loves.

12. Personalized Shirt

Black personalize shirt

Design a Shirt lets you personalize a shirt for your mom. You can put the names of her kids or one of her favorite sayings on a quality shirt in a variety of colors.

13. MixPix

Best photo tiles in 8 x 8

If your mom is all about her Instagram account, then MixPix may be a great gift for her. You can choose several of her best photos and have them printed on 8″ x 8″ photo tiles. The tiles are made of light foam to give them extra dimension. The tiles come with adhesive pads, making them easy for your mom to hang on the wall and remove if she wants to change location.

14. Personalized Disney Keychain

Personalized items keychain in Disney store

The Disney store offers a wide variety of personalized items for the mom who loves all things Disney. This personalized keychain is made of leather and is perfect if your mom loves Mickey Mouse.

15. Photo Puzzle

High quality puzzle with 110 pieces on durable cardboard

For the mother who loves fun and games, consider turning one of her favorite pictures into a puzzle. Canvas on Sale lets you upload a photo and then creates a high-quality puzzle with 110 pieces on durable cardboard. Your mom will love putting together a picture of her kids or grandkids, making this gift the perfect addition to family game night.


Any of these gifts are sure to thrill your mom on Mother’s Day. Personalized gifts tell your mom that you went the extra mile to choose a gift that’s special to her and her interests. Personalized gifts make your mom’s Mother’s Day even more special.

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