Directed by Pulitzer Prize and Emmy award winning filmmaker and photojournalist, Anthony Suau, Organic Rising is an eye-opening, revolutionary documentary. While its message is profound, its intention is simple: to educate the American population on the pressing importance of the organic, sustainable agricultural movement.

Anthony Suau believes the United States is in the midst of a devastating tragedy. He says,

“For decades, extensive, clever marketing disguised unlabeled processed foods containing poisonous pesticides, untested genetically modified corn and soy products, and vast amounts of sugar.”

It is exactly this facade that Organic Rising intends to tear down. With this documentary, the organic farming community seeks to shed light on the current bleak conditions of our food system and motivate us to wake up and take action.

The Troublesome Truth

Anthony calls attention to these unnerving facts about traditional, non-organic farming:

  • Poisonous systemic pesticides can be found in many GMO food products and make up as much as 70% of the food on our supermarket shelves.
  • “80% of the antibiotics in the United States today are fed to factory farm animals to make them grow faster and survive the crowded and unsanitary conditions they live in.
  • Taken in small doses over time, these drugs can build up an immunity in humans that make it difficult for us to fight bacterial infections that are now killing up to 18,000 Americans a year.

Organic Rising Documentary Farming Crops

How is this Allowed?

You may be thinking, “why on earth would anyone let this happen?”

Well, holding too much power (and money) can sometimes lead to terrifying outcomes. To understand the root cause of this atrocity, we must look at who is in charge: Food companies and biotech firms on Wall Street (example: Monsanto) run a food industry that is a 1.2 trillion dollar a year business. They use this influence to control government policies.

organic rising fresh vegetables

Organic Rising offers a Sunny Solution

No need to boycott grocery shopping altogether. Organic Rising focuses on the uplifting solution. Rather than scare us into helplessness, it empowers us with the knowledge that these matters are entirely in our hands.

A corrupt food industry has absolutely no power if we choose not to purchase its toxic products. Instead, we must vote for a cleaner, healthier food system by purchasing organic products.

By providing an outlet for organic farmers and experts to share their stories, Organic Rising educates the public on the vast differences between organic foods and pesticide ridden, GMO foods.

Why Organic Farming?

In the film, Miles McEvoy of the USDA explains the regulations organic farmers must follow:

  • No use of poisonous pesticides
  • No use of GMO products
  • No use of antibiotics in any farm animals for food production

Organic farming in Organic Rising Documentary

An Incredible Impact

The Organic Rising filmmakers inspire us with this message:

America’s food crisis has ignited the civil rights movement of our time … if the masses decide we’ve been lied to with this system, it would be revolutionary.

We here at Giving Assistant believe in not only speaking up to talk about the causes we support, but also in taking action to practice what we preach. We will be protesting the corruption of America’s food industry and advocating for the organic movement with every purchase we make.

To learn more or support the cause, visit the Organic Rising Indiegogo campaign.