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7 Domestic Violence Organizations to Support Today

No introduction necessary: If you or someone you know is being hurt by a family member, friend, or partner, help is available. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) to get started. They can help point you to resources in your local community.

If you’re looking for a way to help stop domestic violence once and for all, consider making a donation to one of these domestic violence organizations, whose work is not only helping survivors get the support and assistance they need today, but who are also making strides towards eradicating family violence entirely.

7 Domestic Violence Nonprofits You Can Help

1. Domestic Violence Ended

Nonprofit Domestic Violence Ended helping local people

Domestic Violence Ended (DOVE) is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit helping local people and children escape and rise above violence. In addition to their 24/7 support services, DOVE works to bring anti-domestic violence education to the community, teaching people how to recognize violence and abuse—from emotional to verbal and physical—and safely intervene. Their work also helps community professionals, such as social workers, physicians, and teachers, learn how to better support victims of domestic violence. DOVE has been serving their community and saving lives since 1978.

For donors who care about…

  • Anti-domestic violence work in Norfolk County, MA
  • Community anti-domestic violence education
  • Improving how professionals work with victims of domestic violence
  • 24/7 support and empowerment for victims 

How to Support DOVE

2. Domestic Violence Network

DVN nonprofit working to shift society

The Domestic Violence Network (DVN) is a nonprofit working to shift society and amplify the conversations that will help stop domestic violence where it starts: within our culture and communities, where violence is still too often met with shame and silence. Through partnerships with influencers and community leaders, DVN works to inspire victims, families, and young people to stand up and work together to prevent and stop domestic violence. DNV also invests heavily in research and data analysis that helps improve anti-domestic violence resources and education, and improve the way we serve and help those affected by violence, abuse, and neglect.

For donors who care about…

  • Anti-domestic violence research and education
  • Improving domestic violence support services and resources
  • Empowering families and youth to speak up
  • Altering the culture to help end domestic violence

How to Support Domestic Violence Network

3. Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence

BTSADV nonprofit for domestic violence survivors

Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence (BTSADV) is a nonprofit that brings domestic violence survivors together to serve, protect, and support victims in need today. Employees and volunteers with BTSADV don’t just work to help get people out of violent situations and find them safe, healthy places to rebuild their lives: they also work with them long-term to help mitigate the effects long-term violence can have, such as PTSD and other mental health problems. “Survivors helping survivors” is their mantra—one they have manifested to the fullest, as evidenced by their very large, very active Facebook page where thousands have found support, empowerment, and community, as well as through their retreats and family programs.

For donors who care about…

  • Empowering survivors
  • Nurturing a community of survivors
  • Anti-domestic violence support and education
  • Providing for victims of domestic violence in need

How to Support Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence

4. National Network to End Domestic Violence

NNEDV nonprofit fighting domestic violence

National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) is a nonprofit fighting domestic violence in a big way, across numerous broad levels, from public policy to creative initiatives that are shifting the culture. By focusing on awareness and partnering with numerous state organizations and influencers, NNEDV encourages lawmakers to make decisions that will help make it easier to stop domestic violence and build innovative, research-backed programming and services that will ensure a lifetime of health, empowerment, and safety for survivors. 

For donors who care about…

  • Prioritizing domestic violence on a national level
  • Public policy and anti-violence legislation
  • Continuing to improve housing and support services for survivors
  • Impacting culture to stop violence at its source

How to Support National Network to End Domestic Violence

5. National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence

NCCAFV nonprofit domestic violence and child and elder

National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence (NCCAFV) is a nonprofit whose work focuses on preventing domestic violence and child and elder abuse through education, but also by rallying volunteers who can help provide services and support to domestic abuse survivors within their own communities through their Community Volunteer Program. Volunteers can form local chapters that can give victims of domestic violence a safe harbor to seek help, shelter, and resources, as well as provide a place for witnesses of domestic violence and abuse to report their observations, and initiate investigations with the expertise of local law enforcement and social services. NCCAFV even partners with a number of other programs that are also working to fight family, child, and elder abuse on an international level. 

For donors who care about…

Mobilizing local communities against domestic violence

Tackling domestic violence internationally

Increasing education and resources nationwide

How to Support National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence

6. Break the Cycle

Break the cycle nonprofit working to end partner violence

Break the Cycle is a nonprofit working to end partner violence among young people, by helping to teach young people how to identify violent or abusive behaviors in relationships, and how to protect themselves from it or stop it. Since its founding, Break the Cycle has delivered education and supportive services that have impacted more than 7 million teenagers nationwide, and that have even empowered thousands of teens to lead others in the fight against intimate partner abuse. Break the Cycle has also involved themselves in public policy, standing up and encouraging lawmakers to remember the young victims of intimate partner violence, and to make choices that will help protect them, and that will help stop the abuse before it begins.

For donors who care about…

  • Stopping teen intimate partner violence
  • Building confidence in teens and promoting leadership
  • Making domestic and partner violence and national conversation
  • Teaching teens about healthy relationships

How to Support Break the Cycle

7. National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Domestic violence hotline nonprofit

National Domestic Violence Hotline is a nonprofit that has been providing immediate assistance and support to domestic violence survivors for over 25 years. Just by visiting their website or making a simple phone call to 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), anyone affected by domestic violence—whether they themselves are being victimized, are witnessing victimization, or suspect it—can be connected with the right support services, in addition to simply being listened to by someone with an open heart and empathic ear, 24/7. In addition to this, the National Domestic Violence Hotline also invests resources in education, making sure anyone in need will have access to the right information for them. 

For donors who care about…

  • Providing 24/7 safety and care to domestic violence victims
  • Continuing to improve anti-domestic violence services
  • Education that can help keep kids and teens safe

How to Support the National Domestic Violence Hotline

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