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Mother’s Day Gifts From Son (2021 Guide)

Your mom has done a lot for you. She’s been there for you every single time you need it, and she has never asked for anything in return. Her special day is coming up, and you aren’t sure what to get. You’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts from son to mom.

Don’t worry; here are a few choices you can get to show your mom how much you love her. Some of these are close and personal, and others are more practical. Take a look at the list and find a great gift.

The Best Mothers Day Gifts From Son in 2021

1. Lovely Mom Roses

Beautiful bouquet

Ok, so flowers on Mother’s Day aren’t exactly thinking outside the box, but let’s face it, it’s a classic for a reason. Moms love flowers, and this beautiful bouquet is something that will bring a smile to her face and a fresh smell to her home.

The flowers go right to your mom’s house on Mother’s Day.

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2. Cheryl’s Mother’s Day Treats Pail

Beautifully decorated treat pail

This beautifully decorated treat pail comes with a whole lot of fun cookies for your mom to enjoy. The gift is great for a mom with a sweet tooth, and the bucket can also help a mom who likes to garden. It’s a multifunctional gift that your mom can enjoy for a long time.

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3. Apple Gift Card

Apple gift card

Everyone loves music, books, and videos. With an Apple gift card, your mom can get all of these and have access to them anywhere she goes. This gift does require a slightly tech-savvy mom, but with more and more moms embracing the digital age, this could be the gift of choice.

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4. What I Love About My Mom

What I love about Mom by me book

If you love to add a personal touch to your gift, this is the option for you. This book is packed with pages that you can write on for a unique and personal message. It lets you show mom how much you love her. It is a sweet and sentimental piece that will warm every mom’s heart.

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5. Lilac Blossoms Original Large Jar Candles

Yankee candle shop

Mother’s Day is right in the middle of spring, and what better spring smell is there than Lilac. If that smell happens to not work for you, you can get your mom one of the other amazing scents from Yankee Candle Shop.

Each candle will allow your mom to enjoy a refreshing smell for a long time.

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6. 2-Quart Morning Brew Tea Kettle

2 quart tea kettles

A lot of moms love tea. There is a fun ritual to brewing fresh tea that just can’t be replicated in the microwave for many. These 2-quart tea kettles come in many expressive colors that can brighten up the kitchen. Even when they’re not in use, they are pretty.

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7. Tea Gift Subscription

Mom loves tea

If your mom loves tea or coffee, you can get her a specialized subscription that delivers her favorite tea right to her door every month.

It will help keep the tea fresh, making it taste better, and it will let your mom know that you are thinking about her multiple times during the year.

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8. Stress-Free Spa Treatment Gift Basket

gift box spa treatments

Spa Treatments are great, but they are a one-time event to enjoy. This gift box will let your mom experience a complete spa treatment in the comfort of her own home, and she will be able to repeat the experience a bunch of times. She gets tools and a lovely basket, so she can keep the fun going.

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9. Hello Fresh Subscription

food delivery subscription

Your mom is used to cooking for a lot of people. Now she may just be cooking for one. With a food delivery subscription, your mom will get gourmet ingredients and recipes delivered to her door so she can make amazing dishes.

If you have a plan too, it gives you something to talk about the next time you call.

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10. PicMonkey Subscription

Picmonkey subscribers plan

You can use this gift in one of two ways for your mom. If she is a techie, she will enjoy playing with the editing software directly. If she isn’t, she will love to get customized gifts that you create with the software and print for her. Either way, she will love the results.

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11. Wicked Good Cupcake Jar

Choice of cupcake flavors

These cupcake gift baskets come with your choice of cupcake flavors. You can get your mom four different flavors from the 21 special options, or you can get her multiple jars of her favorite flavor.

Each jar is the equivalent of two cupcakes with multiple layers of frosting. Your mom also gets an Original Pura Vida bracelet with each box.

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12. Juniper Bonsai Tree

beautiful bonsai tree

For the mom that loves to work in her garden, this beautiful Bonsai Tree allows her to enjoy that fun year-round, even in crummy weather. Your mom can choose how much time and effort she wants to put into the tree, and if she is ambitious, she can create a fantastic living work of art.

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13. Posh Birthstone Loop

elegant necklace

You can engrave up to nine names on this elegant necklace so your mother can remember all her wonderful children. It is a great gift to pitch in on with your siblings, and it can also be helpful when you know one of your brothers or sisters will forget to buy your mom a gift.

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14. Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness

toss fido dog

If your mom is the type who loves to bring her four-legged children everywhere she goes, this may be a helpful gift idea for her. Traveling with a dog can sometimes be tricky, and this harness will let her toss Fido in the car and hold him in place safely so she can come to visit you.

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15. Costco Membership

costco membership

A lot of moms love practicality. A Costco Membership can open up a lot of shopping and savings opportunities for your mom. Your mom will think of you and smile every time she goes to get her industrial-sized jar of ketchup or her 500 pack of toilet paper.

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There are 15 ideas for great Mother’s Day gifts from a son. You can find the gift that fits your mother’s personality best so that she can enjoy a lovely Mother’s Day.

No matter what you decide to get her, remember to let your mom know that you love her, and she will probably be thrilled.

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