By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

It’s a no-brainer that social media is key to engaging fans, donors, and customers. Here at GlobalMojo, we’re fans of Simon Mainwaring, who’s using his social media skills and experience to make a difference in the world.

If anyone could tell you about using social media to leverage your brand –whether you’re a corporation or small business or nonprofit— it’s Simon Mainwaring.

Simon is the founder of We First, a social branding consulting firm that helps companies, non-profits and individuals use social media to build communities, profits and positive impact.

He’s has quite the biography: he’s an award-winning branding consultant, New York Times bestselling author, influential blogger, and international speaker. He’s worked with brands like Nike and Motorola, and of course, he’s the founder of We First. He’s also got a million other impressive accomplishments, which you can read about here.

Photo Credit to the We First Facebook

If your nonprofit or social enterprise has the budget for it, Simon will host a seminar from February 1st to 2nd in Marriott Marina del Rey, CA that will focus on social branding. By the way, every attendee gets a free ticket for his or her favorite nonprofit! Thanks Simon.

But mind you, this isn’t just any ordinary seminar with information being lectured to you until your mind explodes. At Simon’s Social Branding Seminar, you’ll walk away with a social branding blueprint.

Fancy-sounding huh? Well, it is. The blueprint is specific to your business or nonprofit. Most importantly, it’s actually do-able. Simon explains that “without a blueprint specific to your business, targeted toward today’s consumer, and leveraging the latest social technologies, a brand cannot hope to connect to their customers in the most meaningful way that will drive their bottom-lines.”

Sure, Simon has the experience and expertise. But, why is he doing what he’s doing – dedicating his knowledge to help brands “build a better world”? He explains his inspiration came from Bill Gate’s speech at the World Economic Forum in 2008. “In this speech he challenged the private sector to think of new ways to help the less fortunate because governments and philanthropies can’t do it alone,” he explains. “I was intrigued by the irony of the world’s richest man now being its greatest philanthropist. I felt a responsibility to work on an answer.”

His answer eventually became his social branding seminar and his award winning book.

If you can’t make it to Simon’s seminar, he’s also the author of “We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World,” which will benefit your nonprofit or company nevertheless.

In it, Simon shares his expertise and experience on how companies and nonprofits can leverage social media to earn customer trust, positive brand image, customer loyalty, all while maintaining profit and delivering sustainable, social change.

His book answers one of today’s most pressing questions: how to practice capitalism in a way that satisfies the need for both profit and a healthy, sustainable planet.

On Amazon, the book has an overall five out of five-star review from 44 customers, and was chosen by Amazon as one of the Top Ten Business Books for 2011. Gary Vaynerchuk, author of New York Times Bestseller Crush It! says, “We First is more than a must read – it’s a must do. Buy it, act it, and most importantly – LIVE IT!”

The book is available for $14.47 on Amazon. Just a reminder that if you have GlobalMojo installed, up to 2.0% of your Amazon purchase will go to your favorite nonprofit!

Let’s hear it for entrepreneurs using their skills and expertise to make a difference. Way to go, Simon!