Welp, we did it. The Giving Assistant Team is hugely proud to announce that we completed the last major piece of our core product. You can now get paid cash back when you shop from hundreds (soon thousands) of stores online.

What Is Cash Back?

If you’ve never heard of cash back, not to worry, you’re not alone.

Online stores, like Amazon, Best Buy, Sephora, Gap, Home Depot, and literally thousands more, pay websites like Giving Assistant to drive shoppers who are intent on making purchases to their websites. When a shopper referred by Giving Assistant completes a purchase, those stores pay Giving Assistant a commission up to 25% of the purchase price. Typically, it averages out to about 6% cash back from all of our stores. In turn, we give 100% of that cash straight back to you! That, our dear supporters, is called cash back.

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The greatest feature, in our humble opinion, is that in most cases you get paid cash back within 24 to 72 hours of completing your purchase. Most every other website offering cash back pays their users 30 days after the close of each quarter. That means it can take 90 to 120 days before you get your well deserved cash. Even better, is that when you elect to get paid via debit card, as soon as the payment has processed, it will be made directly to your debit card. There’s no waiting time and no extra steps.  Our whole intent on immediate payments is that we want to make you, our customer, happy. Let us know how we’re doing.

Cash Back Helps Donate More To Charity.

Yes, really. Our small team here at Giving Assistant is intent on helping you save more money so you can give a little of that savings back to your favorite charity.

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With cash back, you can donate 0% to 100% of the cash back you’re getting from your purchases directly to your favorite charity. Just select the percentage you want to give and choose a charity when you sign up. You can adjust your donation percentage anytime from your profile settings.

We’re working on growing our database of the most popular nonprofits in the US and Canada. If you don’t see your favorite charity, school, or religious organization represented on our platform, just email us. We want you to be able support what matters most to you!

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We like to think of this as a win-win. You get to spend less money with coupons and cash back, and you’re able to donate more to charity with every purchase you make.

Go Ahead, Please Give Us a Whirl!

If you haven’t already signed up, we’d be honored to have you join our community of responsible shoppers. It costs you nothing extra and signing up takes less than a minute. Sign up here.

P.S. This is our team celebrating our newest member, YOU ;)