By Michelle Thai, Marketing Intern

If you don’t already know the word, a slacktivist is someone who “takes easy, social actions in support of a cause – signing a petition, liking a Facebook Page or putting a pink ribbon on their avatar.” These folks get stereotyped pretty bad: they don’t really care about the cause enough to make a donation, and their tiny deeds don’t really make a difference.

However, we recently found this article on Mashable about how slacktivists truly are making a difference. Even though they may not be donating $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 to a cause, it doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable to a cause. In fact, slacktvists are three times as likely to solicit donations on behalf of their cause, and more than four times as likely to encourage others to sign a petition or contact political representatives!

Slacktivists may not be spending their day helping out a homeless shelter, but they are sharing causes with friends, bringing awareness to causes through Facebook and Twitter, and they’re making purchases with a conscience.

In this blog post by Affect about capitalism and laziness, it reads “Guess what: We as a society like to buy stuff. Charitable organizations and non-profit-minded businesses know this, which is why they’ve given us MANY opportunities to kill two birds with one stone.”

The author is referring to everyday people buying things that support a cause, like pink tennis balls that supports American Cancer Society, or a water bottle that donates its proceeds to Matt Damon’s foundation.

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And we at GlobalMojo agree and can vouch for these so-called “lazy” activists! This past August, we sent a check for $1,177.35 to Me to We. That money was generated by the GlobalMojo users (who selected Me to We as their cause), and they simply browsed the Internet and made some online purchases. Nothing out of the way. Nothing extraordinary. Just simple, everyday activities that just happens to do some good.

It just shows that even if people aren’t going out of their way and volunteering a great deal of their time, as long as they care enough to “like” a Facebook to donate money, or sign a petition, or install a passive app like GlobalMojo, we can’t underestimate the power they have to make a huge impact on a cause.

So we say kudos to you, slacktivists! Keep liking Facebook pages, signing petitions, and using GlobalMojo, because the impact you’re making is nevertheless, real.