by Christopher Penman, Marketing Intern

It is an exciting time under the Market St. roof of GlobalMojo. First of all, GlobalMojo has acquired a new super-duper intern, Christopher Penman (currently speaking in third person). He is an aspiring copywriter ready to get elbow deep in the nitty-gritty world of marketing. Hailing from Southern California, this strapping young lad currently is getting a degree in Rhetoric from University of California, Berkeley. “I like it here”, reports Christopher Penman, “they let me have my own chair.” Welcome aboard me!

Barrington and Danielle enjoying some pizza before our company boccee ball game!

Next on the agenda, Adrian Peterson’s Football for Good Giving Assistant reached a noteworthy milestone this month. After only about six months, his Giving Assistant users have raised $25,000 for All Day Foundation to help inspire hope and build a better future for at-risk-children. You can read more about it on our new Giving Assistant blog or on Yahoo! Finance.

Continuing the good news, our beloved Barrington, coder-extraordinaire, has found the only thing that can replace the love he has for GlobalMojo, that is, a wife. He is headed to Florida for a couple weeks to get married to his finance Danielle and celebrate this momentous occasion with friends and family. But don’t fret, he will return soon enough!

But not all of our news can be boisterously happy. We have some bittersweet news as well. Mike ‘The Man’ Shallop, will be leaving the office to move to Mexico. But luckily, he will continue to work with us, just from a few more miles south.

Also, we have some exciting things lined up for our Giving Assistant users in the upcoming months so keep your eyes and your ears on the Internet.

And to celebrate all these good things, the GlobalMojo team made a trip down to our local Lucky Strike Bowling Alley for some camaraderie, snacks, and beer.

Happy marriage, B! And happy moving to Mexico, Mike!