Congratulations! You’ve just bought an awesome new home and you’re throwing a housewarming party to celebrate with your new neighbors, friends and family. You’ll definitely need some housewarming party food ideas that are delicious and don’t cost a fortune.

People are going to be bringing you housewarming gifts, so the least you can do is have some delicious party food ideas for the housewarming ready for your guests when they arrive.

Whether you’re looking for finger food ideas for the housewarming party or easy housewarming party food ideas that can be done in a minutes, below you’ll find some cool ideas on how to add a little pizzazz to your favorites.

The Best Housewarming Party Food Ideas in 2020

Wooden Taco Holder

Wooden taco holder
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A taco bar is one of the easy food ideas for a housewarming party that everyone loves. You can go the harder route, using crocks pots to keep the meats and cheeses warm or you can make them ahead of time, putting them in this trendy taco holder.

Guests can simply pull a taco from the holder and add the sauces or extras they want.

Straight Wall Shooter Glasses

Shot glasses with slice of lemon
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Fall housewarming party food ideas like mini shots of soup provide the smell and taste of the season without going overboard. To make the soup look delectable, put it in these shooter glasses for a stylish twist that will make everyone want to throw back another shot.

For other housewarming party food ideas with these shot glasses, squeeze ranch sauce at the bottom and add crispy carrot and celery sticks – instant finger food ideas for your housewarming party.

Scallop Paper Napkins

Party napkins for housewarming party
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If you’re looking for housewarming party finger food ideas, you’re going to need napkins that look good traveling through the new digs, as everyone will need them.

These white scalloped napkins have gold foil around the edge that give them an incredibly chic look that no one will want to ruin. These napkins can easily handle finger foods like veggies and kabobs with no problem, and if you are only serving finger foods or appetizers, a good set of napkins are a must.

Bamboo Kabob Skewers

Bamboo sticks use for kababs
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Easy housewarming party food ideas don’t get much better than kabobs, and these skewers work perfectly for all types. Fall housewarming party food ideas include fall steak kabobs with an apple cider marinade, but fruit kabobs are also a cheap food idea for a housewarming party and are fan favorites.

These 7 inch skewers are non-toxic and made for long-lasting durability. They feature a tab design on one end that makes handling housewarming party food easier and provides more stability to the user.

Disposable Kraft Paper Serving Trays

Best Housewarming Party Food Ideas (2020 Guide) Image 1
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Cheap food ideas for housewarming parties should have the proper serving dishes. These serving trays are definitely a mood, adding a trendy yet familiar take on how to serve housewarming party food.

The sturdy cardboard can handle up to 2.5 lbs. of food and are great for a nacho or salad bar or holding hot or cold appetizers, veggies and finger foods all at once. Disposable and recyclable, they make clean up after the housewarming party a breeze.

Bamboo Cocktail Picks with Looped Knot

Natural bamboo for finger food ideas
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Finger food ideas for a housewarming party aren’t complete without cocktail picks. With a stylish looped knot at the end, they can easily keep the ingredients of lamb sliders together, tapas or make every food a finger food by placing one in them for easy pick up.

Made from natural bamboo the addition of these picks to any housewarming party food ideas you come up with will instantly elevate the presentation of your food and sophistication of your new home’s housewarming party.

Cupcake Toppers

Wooden picks toppers for cupcakes
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Finger food ideas for a housewarming party would not be complete without cupcakes. Don’t just put cupcakes on a stand without decorating them though.

Use these toppers to add the new house theme to the food. Made from gold glitter cardstock, shapes of houses, keys and hearts are attached to wooden picks and can be placed in cupcakes, sandwiches and mini veggie skewers. It’s a new home celebration after all, being dramatic about it is mandatory.

Buyers Guide Tips

Guests are going to be walking about the house which is why ideal housewarming party food ideas should be casual. Food is going to be a huge part of your housewarming party and though you can have it catered, most people you invite are going to love it if you serve something that you’ve prepared yourself.

This shouldn’t cost you a lot of money or time. To help you out, a really great idea for easy food ideas for a housewarming party is to create a limited menu that features about 5 or 6 appetizers. Nobody wants to balance their plate and wine glass while they’re also trying to have a conversation.

Keep it simple and choose finger foods, having small cocktail plates and napkins available.

Crudité or veggie platter

Don’t get carried away with this one, keep it nice and simple with carrots, snow peas, cucumbers, celery sticks and cherry tomatoes. Have some ranch dip nearby.


The super fancy name for a meat and cheese board, this is the perfect companion to your crudité tray. Have a mix of four cheeses, at least, with three harder cheeses like cheddar, Swiss and Gouda and a soft cheese like brie or goat cheese.

Three or four meats are also necessary, with the two mandatory ones being prosciutto and salami. You can choose one or two others you think your guests will enjoy.

Meat skewers

Some kind of meat is necessary at the party, even if you are vegetarian. A great recipe that people will love is a pineapple and jerk chicken skewer, as the sweet and savory work well together. Use your favorite recipes or try steak or beef skewers, adding onions, mushrooms and scallions.

Spring or egg rolls

People love these at every housewarming party! There’s no way to ever have enough of them. It’s a bit much to even think about making them from scratch, so find a brand from the grocery store you like and have a tray of them with bamboo picks in each one.


A housewarming party is about friends and new neighbors bringing the housewarming gifts and you providing the food and entertainment. With these housewarming party food ideas and tips it will be great. Good luck!