What is the best housewarming gift for a man celebrating his new apartment or new home? The truth is that finding the perfect housewarming gift for the man who has everything can be time-consuming and sometimes expensive.

Instead of spending hours hunting for housewarming gifts for men only to end up buying a housewarming gift that he has no use for, this collection of housewarming gift ideas will help you find gifts he’ll appreciate.

From simple housewarming gift ideas to those that have an air of luxury, there’s something here for the man in your life whether that’s a coworker, friend, cousin, significant other, sibling or parent.

The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for Men in 2020

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Beautiful decanter gift set
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Great housewarming gifts for a single man help show off his interests and enhance his home décor. This beautiful decanter gift set is elegant and entirely lead free. The wood stand is hand crafted and comes with 4 matching whiskey glasses.

This is the kind of housewarming gift a 30 year old man or a man in his 50s will love because it says they are cultured, high class and take their love of scotch or whiskey very seriously.

Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Glass sphere aquatic ecosystem
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An amazing marine exhibit of live algae, shrimps and sea organisms contained in a hand-blown glass sphere, the ecosystem is entirely self-sustaining – no feeding or cleaning necessary. This housewarming gift is the perfect gift for men interested in aquariums and makes great home décor.

Anything that requires relatively little to no maintenance makes for wonderful housewarming gifts for male friends, especially when you need housewarming gifts for a single guy that may not have as much time for a pet.

Sheesham Wood Cutting Board

Marble grain sheesham wood cutting board
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Gorgeous enough to use as a cheese board for rare Pule cheese on but durable enough to prep food on daily, this cutting board is resistant to bacteria and has non-slip grip pads that are permanently fixed to the bottom.

This cutting board is made of high quality marble grain Sheesham wood and makes a great housewarming party gift for a man who likes practicality and beauty in his man cave.

Super Mario Table Lamp

Super Mario Brothers question block lamp
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The best housewarming gift for a man that loved saving Princess Peach and showing turtles who’s the boss, this official Super Mario Brothers Question Block Lamp is a collector’s item and will show your friend or loved one that you really have been paying attention. They can power it up and press a button for official game sounds.

Charming housewarming gifts for men that harken back to the simple times of their childhood will always be well-received.

Scented Candles for Men

Soy candles for Men
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Who says only women enjoy a place that smells good? Housewarming gift ideas for a single man should definitely include candles. These soy candles with a man cave themed gift box come in 3 masculine smells – straight razor (shaving cream), rich mahogany and leather.

With self-trimming wicks and lead-free materials, each candle provides up to 30 hours of burn time. No matter which of the various scents you choose, this candle set is a great housewarming gift for the man who has everything.

Airplane Bottle Opener

Nickel bottle opener in cool airplane design
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This nickel bottle opener will never tarnish and the cool airplane design makes it the best housewarming gift for a bachelor or boyfriend who enjoys a touch of flair to the ordinary. With this gadget, they can open a can in style and if aviation is an interest, this housewarming gift becomes even more meaningful.

Great housewarming gifts for a single man can make an ordinary bottle opener the envy of everyone at their housewarming party.

Juniper Bonsai Tree

A beautiful juniper bonsai tree in hand
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Able to bring calm to any environment, this Juniper Bonsai Tree makes the perfect gift for a man who is always running around or a bachelor that enjoys showing off their green thumb when guests are over.

One of the best housewarming gifts for men who need to bring tranquil décor to a small space like their home office or living room shelf, a new homeowner or apartment dweller will this great housewarming gift.

Buyers Guide Tips

Let’s get this myth out of the way right now: men like receiving housewarming gifts just as much as women do. Buying a new home or moving into a new apartment that is a huge upgrade on their last one is a big deal that should be celebrated.

If you’re looking for housewarming gifts for men that help make the space of their man cave or bachelor pad an extension of themselves, know these rules to buy a great gift.

Make it useful

Men appreciate gifts that have a purpose, are sentimental or express a hobby or interest of theirs. Steer clear of items that are “pointless”.

If you’re choosing between wall art and a vacuum cleaner, choosing the vacuum cleaner is a safer bet – as long as it’s not a dig that they need to clean more.

Choose versatile, general gifts over unique and creative

We’ve all received unique gifts from those who try to give us something we’d never buy ourselves. For example, giving someone the ecosystem above when you know they really wanted a tool set may not be the best idea for a man, unless you really know them.

People tend to think that the time they put into a gift indicates their level of investment, which can lead to obscure gifts. This means, only buy an ecosystem for a man that you know loves marine life.

Expensive is not better

Avoid the mind trap that pricier gifts are more impressive than items that cost less. Whether it’s a friend, colleague, partner or family member, men are going to appreciate a gift that shows you care about things they like.

That doesn’t mean they don’t like expensive gifts, just make sure they are the ones they want, like a gorgeous decanter if they enjoy liquor, for instance.


It’s the small things that make for memorable housewarming gifts for men that they’ll enjoy for many years to come, hopefully at their next home and the one after that.