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Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers (2021 Guide)

It is nice to let your co-workers know that you appreciate them. If you want to let them know that you thought about them around the holidays, it’s best to get a gift that isn’t just another candle, or a card. Great holiday gifts for co-workers don’t have to be expensive, they just have to have some thought behind them.

Gifts should be work appropriate, but they do not have to be serious. If you come across a hilarious gift that you just have to buy for a co-worker, as long as it is appropriate, go for it! It will probably give everyone a good laugh.

You should also consider gifts that your co-workers will benefit from and use often. This is another way to show that you listen to them when they tell you about themselves, and you care about them.

Top 7 Best Holiday Gifts for Co-Workers in 2021

1. Decision Paperweight

Fancy paperweight made of aluminum

Everyone has that one co-worker that can’t make a decision about anything, they know it, and they embrace it. This is a hilarious gift to give, and a helpful one as it helps make decisions. Made of aluminum, this fancy paperweight offers eight possible answers for any decision.

The answers on this paperweight are; yes, today, no, maybe, tomorrow, reorganize, sit on it, and pass the buck. Just give the paperweight a spin and have all of your decisions made in seconds. Everyone will get a kick out of this, and several may want their own!

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2. Wireless Phone Charging Stand

Stand phones

Great for those co-workers who use their phones for information to help them work. They can lean their phone on this stand for easy viewability with the added benefit of getting a charge. The stand will charge phones horizontally or vertically, allowing the best view of information needed while the device is charging.

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3. Desktop Golf

Miniature desk version of the game golf balls

Do you have a co-worker who loves golf? If so, this miniature desk version of the game will bring them tons of joy in their home office or on their lunch break in the actual office. With a varying putting surface, you are able to change the pitch of the green and play a different hole every time.

Included with this game is a mini putter, two miniature metal golf balls, and a miniature magnetic flagpole to retrieve the balls out of the hole after they have been putted in.

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4. Portable Phone Charger

Phone charger built in plugs for iphone or android

For the co-worker who is always losing their phone charger or is out of plug space and constantly asks to use your desk to charge. This portable charger features built-in plugs for an iPhone or an Android.

Because this charger doesn’t need to be plugged in to an outlet to work, it saves precious plug space and keeps their desk looking tidy. This device also has the ability of quick charging and the ability to be moved around, so you aren’t stuck to a wall the whole time your phone is charging.

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5. Personalized Pet Portraits

Custom pet portrait

If your co-workers have pets that they absolutely love showing off, they will fall head over heels for this custom pet portrait. All you need to do is upload a picture of their pet (Thank you, Facebook), choose the size, colors and style.

There are three sizes offered; 12 by 12, 16 by 16, and 20 by 20. You can choose between modern, oil, or charcoal for the style of the portrait. You can pick hot pink, vivid blue, dusty pink, soft green, white or choose your own custom color. You also have the option of putting the pet’s name of the picture.

After you have uploaded a picture and entered all the necessary information, a digital proof will appear on screen. If it looks great, place your order. If there are things you would like to adjust, you can leave a message for your designer stating what you would like to be different. You will then get another digital proof to approve before the final product is started.

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6. Smart Notebook

Notebook papers sprawled

For the co-worker who is always taking notes and always has about a million different papers sprawled out on their desk, this is a gift they will appreciate immensely. This notebook contains thirty-six grid notebook pages that can be used over and over again by wiping them clean with a damp cloth.

There is a free app to download on your phone that goes along with the notebook. All you need to do is open the app, snap some pictures of the notes, then wipe the notebook clean to be used again. Any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter is compatible with the notebook paper.

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7. Cubicle Guest Book

Guest book for visitors

A hilarious gift for the co-worker that never seems to be at their desk when they are needed. The guest book offers some hilarious prompts for visitors to fill out to let the cubicle owner know why they were there, how long they were there, what the borrowed (if anything), what they thought of the condition of the desk, and several others.

There are 112 pages included in this 8.5 by 5.5 guest book. The hardcover is padded and features a foil stamp on the front to let co-workers know what it is. There is also a ribbon page marker, so each co-worker knows exactly which page they can sign on.

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Shopping for holiday gifts for co-workers can seem like a task that will take forever. With the ideas on this list, you can choose the perfect gifts for each of your co-workers in record time.

Even if none of these great gifts strikes you as something your coworkers absolutely need, you can use these ideas as inspiration. Your co-workers will always enjoy a good laugh, so consider a funny gift. Also consider gifts that your co-workers will find helpful and will get a lot of use out of.

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