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Best High School Graduation Gifts for Her (2021 Guide)

Finding just the right high school graduation gift for that special young lady can often be a challenge. A new high school grad can often have several unique interests and aspirations and pinning down what makes an excellent gift for them can be difficult.

To help you out with this task, we have assembled a list of graduation gift ideas for young ladies that are sure to please.

We have also included a short guide to help you find the grad gift just right for the person in your life. By the end of this article, you should have a much better idea of the gift you will be getting.

10 High School Graduation Gifts for Her in 2021

Here are ten awesome and unique gift ideas for high school graduates.

1. Personalized Graduation Signature Frame

Personalized signature frame

Help her celebrate her special day, and then remember it for years to come. This personalized signature frame allows you to display her image, and then have family and friends sign their names in congratulations. This makes sure she will have a memento of this big day and the people who were there forever more.

Brushed silver plate is used to display the name and class year. The frame itself measures 23″ x 19″ and holds a 5″ x 7″ picture.

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2. Canvas Print Art

Canvas art print

When she is trying to decorate her first apartment or new dorm room, you want to make sure she can do so with some class. A canvas art print gives you museum quality pictures that can be easily displayed.

Each image is 1.25” deep and is made to hang sturdily (so may not work with most dorm rooms). If they are unable to hang artwork, opt for something from allposters.com where they have high-quality vintage posters. She Shed Decor is also a fantastic place to find furnishings and decorations that make great graduation gifts.

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3. eCampus Gift Card

$25 Gift card from eCampus.com

This gift card will make sure that she isn’t being forced to choose between her expensive school books and enjoying something other than Top Ramen. eCampus gives a great discount on a ton of required school textbooks that typically cost an arm and a leg. They also have study materials and other educational materials. Buying that $250 science book on your own can be a harrowing experience, she will thankful for any help you can provide.

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4. AudioBook Gift Card

Gift Certificate from audiobookstore.com

If she loves reading, then she may just love to get into audiobooks. For those already into audiobooks, you can hardly go wrong by letting them get more. Audiobooks.com is great for letting her put her favorite stories into nearly any device and makes it easier than ever to get that next chapter, no matter where or what you are doing.

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5. Yoga Direct Gift Cards

Yogadirect E Gift card

Getting exercise and finding ways to unwind during the stresses of the school year should be done in a healthy and beneficial manner. With a yoga gift card, you can help her to channel her energies into being productive and help melt away all that stress. A great gift for any aspiring practitioner, Yoga Direct has all of the best accessories.

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6. Personalized Rawhide Charging Pad

Good Personalized Rawhide Charging Pad

Finding a good personalized gift is usually a challenge, as it is most often silver or rose gold jewelry or tacky junk. This is a rare exception where something very useful, a charging pad, has been augmented with more attractive decorations and a personal flair. Chargers are universally helpful these days, and this is a beautiful rendition of such a device. Personalized with their name or monogram, this pad makes for a great dorm room-warming gift.

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7. Jasmine Flower Ring Candle

Piece of Jewelry and fine scent with ring candles

Ring candles are a fun and unique way to both gift a piece of jewelry and a fine scent. Help her relax and unwind with a nice candle, and then when the wax is gone, she will have a beautiful piece of jewelry to show for it. This candle has the essence of fresh jasmine and is made from all-natural soy-based wax. The keepsake ring contains a hidden jewel valued from $20 to $7500.

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8. Congratulations Fruit & Sweets Gift Basket Deluxe

Basket for celebrate her big day

Sometimes you just want to say congratulations. This basket helps your new grad to celebrate her big day with a selection of fruit, nuts, snacks, chocolate and other candies. Saltwater Taffy, Ghirardelli chocolate, chocolate covered fruit and a whole lot more! If she has a sweet tooth and loves fruits and treats, this basket will be enjoyed for days to come.

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9. Great Courses Lectures

Great Courses from the site

The Great Courses are a bit like podcasts mixed with audiobooks and cover a huge array of intellectual pursuits. Each selection of the great courses is a selection of lectures from prominent college professors breaking down topics ranging from the simple to the complex.

History to physiology, whatever they are studying or interested in -there is something here for any new grown-up. Both entertainment and further study materials can be found here.

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10. Alloy Apparel Gift Card

Alloy apparel gift card

For some girls, being tall is a challenge. It means it can be hard to find the right clothes and it can sap her confidence. With an Alloy Apparel gift card, you can make sure that she has everything she needs to look and feel confident. Familiar cards for Nordstrom’s and other department stores can be used if the recipient wouldn’t have need of a tall-specialized store.

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Guide to High School Graduation Gifts for Her 

Do you want to get a thoughtful gift that will help them in the real world? Or something fun and exciting they will have fun with? The answer will often depend on the recipient in question. The perfect gift is something chosen specially for the person in question.

  • You want a gift that is both fun and exciting, as well as thoughtful. A new college student will have a lot of new needs and beginner sets of almost any household items will go a long way. Even the most basic toolset or coffee maker can go a long way for a girl that has nothing, though it doesn’t make for something too exciting.
  • Get the new grad something fun, even if you are just going with some bestseller trinket on Amazon or a cute t-shirt, then something practical and useful well. She will thank you then, and then once more when she actually has need of a screwdriver for the first time.
  • College graduation gifts are much the same. A College grad is transitioning to a new period of life, and like High School graduates, college graduates often need a refresher of the basic items, even if they don’t want to buy or receive them. In either case, you can mix practicality with fun to really help them out.
  • Food and cleaning supplies are often more needed than anything else. When in doubt, gift cards for basics in these categories make for a good ‘practical’ side of the gift. Perhaps a DIY gift basket is the ticket with the practical on one side and makeup or luxury items on the other.
  • Make sure whatever you get them it is something they will actually use. Be honest with yourself. Nobody needs another closet stuffer; really think about the person you are buying for.

Buy High School Graduation Gifts for Her Today 

The best graduation gifts can take some thought and time, but sometimes you don’t have long before the graduation itself arrives. Luckily all of the great items in this list are ready to be ordered today!

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