Children today interact with so many electronics, they’re more likely to stay glued to a TV or iPhone than blissfully run around outdoors; don’t worry – these endlessly entertaining, healthy family games will have them racing to the yard.

We know how it is: children these days have been raised in a technological age. They’re capabilities with laptops, tablets, and smartphones very likely already exceeds our own. Yet, what other time than childhood do we have the precious freedom, wild imaginations, and limitless energy to spend full days playing outside?

Exercise, fresh air, and active play are all crucial for children’s growing minds and bodies. These 6 healthy family activities are sure to please your kids and be far more entertaining and laughter-inducing than any iPhone game.

For the Active Healthy Family

scoop ball for healthy family

1. US Games Fun-Air Scoop Ball

With this scoop ball kit from Amazon, you and your family will no doubt enjoy hours of playful fun in the backyard or on the beach!

This game is perfect for young children (and the not so coordinated), as the scoops are large enough for easy catching and the whiffle ball moves slowly.

Fun fact: the game helps children develop hand-eye coordination!

healthy family on trampoline

2. Propel Trampoline with Enclosure

There’s nothing like a trampoline for endless entertainment. Kids, and even adults, flock to these for hours of laughter and exercise.

This large  trampoline from Sears includes an enclosure for extra protection. The excitement of such boundless bouncing can quickly lead to launching clear off the trampoline, so you’ll be grateful for this safety precaution.

For the Healthy Family with a Competitive Edge

badminton for healthy family

3. Competition Badminton Standard

This badminton kit from Walmart can be set up quickly and easily in your own backyard. This friendly competition is sure to get everyone in the household fired up and involved! Play teams of kids against parents for a silly challenge.

The full-size collegiate style net means the game is very simple to learn, but real skill takes determination! Kids and adults alike will bond over the thrill of victory when playing this ultimate outdoor game.

basketball set for a healthy family

4. 44 inch Portable Basketball System

Inspire in your children a love for sports with this professional-quality basketball hoop from Toys “R” Us. The rim is adjustable from 7.5′ to 10′, so it can grow along with your children! The rust-resistant pole and weighted stand help keep it upright and intact for years.

Best of all, there’s no concrete construction required–just fill the stand with water or sand, and you’re ready to go!

For the Crafty Healthy Family

healthy family play set

5. Alpine Custom Wooden Play Set Kit

Treat your kids to their own treehouse, swing set and climbing rope with this Alpine Custom Wooden Play Set Kit from Target. Made for children ages 3 and up, this play equipment includes 10 activities and is all-weather proof, so it will stand up to even the harshest environments.

The quick installation system will help you build it in no time, so your kids can begin the daily adventure of having a swing set and wooden fort!

healthy family enjoying the pool

6. Intex 32 ft. x 16 ft. x 52 in. Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool Package

This massive pool from Kmart is so large, the entire family can splash around at once (and even swim laps!). With a length of 32′ and a width of 16′, this pool is equivalent to having a full-sized swimming pool in your backyard without the added cost that comes with digging up your lawn!

Teach your children to swim or just cool off on hot days. Construction and cleaning are a breeze, and the pool is ready to be filled with water in just 60 minutes.

No need to spend any more money on taking your kids to crowded public pools. Your very own personal pool awaits.

Get going!

Well, don’t just sit there! Gather up the kiddos and get on your way. Endless adventures and memories now exist in your yard. Forget trying to convince the kids to play outside; now you’ll hardly be able to keep them in!

Dinner time? We hope you like backyard picnics, because your healthy family will be too busy exploring their fort and competing in a badminton match to sit still in your dining room.