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Green Pastures Coupon Code (Plus) Rare Discount Sale

This was a flash sale on high vitamin butter oil and cod liver oil from supplement company, Green Pasture.

Benefits of Healthy Fats

Saturated fat may be demonized in the standard American diet, however, the paleo diet has shown how beneficial natural sources of fat are for longevity and metabolic health.

Healthy fats are ones that have not been tampered with and overheated to become trans-fats; these are the dangerous ones.

We have been taking different MCT oils & cod liver oil in our diet for quite some time now. This is to be able to get our daily intake of the good dietary fats plus, of course, the good for you fat soluble vitamins like A, D,E and K.

Best Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Having tried many brands, my preference now leans towards the Green Pastures brand as my preferred supplier. The product is a traditionally-made, fermented cod liver oil.

It is definitely a more expensive brand than some others (and also similar in price to a few popular brands), but I really believe that the quality is higher.

Green Pasture Promo

It’s evidently clear to us how popular it is among our readers. This is because there have been many times when “Green Pastures sale” or “Green Pastures coupon code” were among the most popular Google searches that brought readers to this site!

Their sales are rare, and I have never seen a coupon code, but fortunately there happens to be a sale on right now at Green Pastures!

  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil Mediterranean Reg $44 Sale Price $25
  • X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil Liquids Reg $60,Sale Price $45
  • Blue Ice Royal (Blended HVBO/FCLO) Cinnamon and Chocolate Reg $49 Sale Price $35

It sounds like these sales are good until January 3rd, but it’s not entirely clear.

Keep in mind that they discount the price when you buy in bulk, starting at quantities of 6 and then again at quantities of 12 (though this may or may not apply to sale priced items). If you have the ability to stock up in advance, or if you have friends or family who could go in on an order with you, it becomes much more affordable!

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