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Best Gourmet Gift Baskets (2021 Guide)

Everyone has that friend or relative who is the gourmet type. Nothing ordinary, always over the top, extra. These gourmet gift baskets are for them. Full of flavor, and often edgy, these baskets will let them try something different and get a taste of “the good life”.

The Best Gourmet Gift Baskets in 2021

1. Gourmet Specialty Snacks Basket

Best snack for gourmet snacks

Gourmet snacks are some of the best snacks you can find, and that makes this gift basket the best option for any occasion you want to give gifts for. The centerpiece is a delicious chocolate cake, packed inside of the reusable basket with iron design bordering.

But, the cake isn’t the only treat you’ll see inside this food gift basket. Also included are strawberry preserves, pepper jack cheese, Gouda cheese, Napoli salami, and more. The sheer variety makes this an optimal choice for the perfect gift basket.

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2. Autumn Feast Gourmet Gift Basket

Gift box for fall harvest

The fall harvest is at the center of many celebrations, and there are all sorts of delicious foods that come from it. This gift box is designed to bring the harvest home to whomever you send it to. Filled with delicious treats that remind people of fall, it’s a great gift set for housewarming and happy birthdays.

The sheer variety of fall favorites included makes this a unique gift that is great for families of all types and sizes. Gouda cheese and crackers made with sea salt, a truly decadent chocolate cake, salami from Napoli and an exceptional dried fruit assortment are among the gourmet treats that the recipient will find when they receive this gift.

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3. Wine Country Extravaganza Gourmet Gift Basket

Gourmet snacks and other tempting foods

If you’re looking for something that can make a big bang in terms of gourmet gift sets, then you absolutely need to take a look at this basket. Containing over 20 pounds of gourmet snacks and other tempting foods, this is the perfect holiday gift basket for the office or a large family gathering.

The gift tower includes well-known gourmet brands like Godiva, Toblerone, Ghiradelli, and more. Milk and dark chocolate truffles and other treats are included for those with a sweet tooth. If you’re looking for savory and salty, there are multiple types of peanuts, popcorn, several meats (including salami and salmon), cheese wedges, olives, and even bacon and beef jerky among the goodies here.

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4. Tastes for Everyone Gourmet Gift Set

Olive and cocoa gift basket

Olive and Cocoa has a similar basket to the Wine Country option listed above, complete with multiple sweet treats and savory options so that there truly is something for everyone who may be looking for an amazing gourmet gift.

Cheese, nuts, salsa, crackers, gourmet chocolate, pretzels – you name it, it’s there. It’s all loaded up into a hand-crafted wooden gift crate and sent to your recipient with cooling pads so that everything stays intact during gift basket delivery.

5. During This Time Gourmet Sympathy Basket

Sympathy gift basket

Sympathy gift baskets and care packages are a lovely way to show your appreciation for the deceased’s family as they go through the painful process of grieving their loved one. The wicker gift basket is filled with nature’s best gourmet foods, fresh from the Sacramento Valley of California.

Fresh fruit (like apples, pears, and oranges), cookies, cheese, crackers mixed nuts, and assorted chocolates are loaded into the sturdy basket, which can then be used as a keepsake after all of the food has been eaten.

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6. Gourmet Meat & Cheese Sampler

Gourmet food trays and basket

When you think of gourmet food trays and baskets, you likely consider a meat and cheese sampler as a staple. This sampler has been designed so that the recipient (you or a loved one) can have an instant wine and cheese party – the only thing necessary is the wine.

With multiple types of cheddar cheese, jam, crackers, and sausage, this deluxe basket is full of only the highest quality food that tastes both fresh and elegant. It’s a delicious mixture of amazing delights, which makes it a lovely corporate gift or gift for any special occasion where gourmet food is appropriate.

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7. Table in Tuscany Italian Gift Basket

Classic holiday or birthday gift basket

Take a mini trip to Italy with this classic handled wicker basket packed with Italian delicacies. The gift basket itself reminds you of picturesque Tuscany, and it’s filled with the best foods.

This holiday or birthday gift basket includes puttanesca pasta sauce made from the best tomatoes, chocolate biscotti bites, organic pasta, and a wide array of other delicious foods. It even includes dessert, so all that the lucky recipient will need for a perfect night in Tuscany is their favorite wine.

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Please Your Favorite Foodie with These Gourmet Gift Basket Shopping Tips

1. Go with the right company

Some companies do gourmet better than others, hands down. It’s a lot easier to shop from big name companies that can offer several delivery options and specialize in gourmet gift baskets. You’ll feel more confident that you’re getting high-quality foods that actually meet the definition of gourmet.

2. Know what they like

What sorts of gourmet foods do they enjoy? Are they all about baked goods, or would they rather have a charcuterie tray? Do they have dietary restrictions like gluten free or no nuts? Will they want some sort of wine gift basket or a bottle of wine on the side? Knowing what they like can help you to put together a basket that is perfect for gifting on any occasion. 

3. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra

Gourmet food is going to be more expensive than your typical fare, that’s one of the reasons why it’s a common corporate gift basket option. It’s important that you’re ready to spend a little cash on it. The more willing you are to spend extra money, the better off that you’ll be and the easier it will be to find the perfect options for their gourmet gift set.

More Gift Basket Ideas:

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