How often do you check your phone? What if you’re at the dinner table, or at a party, or at a company meeting? Don’t worry, we aren’t hating. We’re all tech junkies here at GlobalMojo, after all. But that’s why Day To Disconnect was so appealing to us.

Day To Disconnect was on Sunday, October 2nd, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a day in which we commit at least one hour to disconnect from all technology (and yes, that did include our smartphones!).

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All of us at GlobalMojo are all kind of addicted to checking our emails, Facebook, and reading the latest and greatest on Mashable and NPR, but we saw the importance of putting it all away for a few hours to really live in the moment and re-connect with our loved ones without the distraction of our phones or laptops.

That’s what some of us did exactly, with a lot of ease might I add: Our director of tech, Scott, spent the day reconnecting with a dear friend who moved here from his hometown of Denver. He showed her the city and people-watched over to the Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco. “It felt great, after I checked into Foursquare and put my phone away!” he said.

Courtney, GlobalMojo’s marketing advisor, spent her hour hiking with her family without their phones or cameras. “It was an awesome time because I felt free and I knew that within that hour I was not obligated to answer any e-mails or phone calls. It was truly peaceful and I will say I honesty enjoyed being ‘unreachable.’” she said.

Our CEO, Dan, wrote “Actually I try to ‘tune out’ of technology every day to spend time with my family, so it was not hard, but it is purposeful,” after spending Sunday afternoon at church and lunch with his family.

Even though we’re all about tech, and even though we’d love for you to be using our browser app 24/7, we encourage time away from all the tech in our lives. Like Courtney says, “It’s amazing the things you notice when you’re not looking down, glued to your phone! I could definitely use a day to disconnect every once in a while!”

So what about you? Do you designate a certain time of the day to spend on yourself or your loved ones, without any tech distracting you? Will you?