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Time to Vote with Giving Assistant

We love being a B Corp, and all the responsibilities that come with it.

One of those responsibilities (as the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence lays out) is to “act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.”

This year, for most of us here at Giving Assistant, that means voting. 

And not just voting, but going the extra mile and encouraging others to vote as well. 

Check out what some of our amazing team members have been up to!

(And when you’re done…go vote!)

Giving Assistant Signs the Make Time to Vote Pledge 

This year, Giving Assistant signed the Make Time to Vote pledge, which affirms that “workers shouldn’t have to choose between earning a paycheck and voting.” 

Our employees are encouraged to take a floating half-day holiday for voting. That’s time-off employees can use to vote or prepare to vote as needed. For example, they can use the time to: 

  • Vote in-person on Election Day
  • Vote early
  • Prepare to vote (ie., research items on their local ballot)
  • Fill out their vote-by-mail ballot
  • Volunteer with a local or national election-related organization
  • Recover from election night 😌💆🏻‍♀️

Here are how some of our awesome employees are using their voting time:

Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 1
Graphic by Nathaniel West

Caroline Vivat, Business Development Manager

Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 2In addition to requesting my mail-in ballot early (duh!), I signed up to mail letters to voters in swing states with the organization Vote Forward. https://votefwd.org/ I wrote and mailed letters to voters in Texas, encouraging them to vote and sharing my own “why”.
Why I’m volunteering: I’m volunteering because generations before me worked hard for my right to vote. (Fun fact: my mom wanted me to have a “C” name to honor Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a leader of the women’s suffrage movement in the 1800s.) We ALL deserve to have a voice in this election.

Camille Crutcher, Marketing Campaign Manager 

“I have been phone banking with Texas Democrats, as well as letter writing with Vote Forward. To date, I’ve spent 20 hours phone banking and written 40 handwritten letters to voters in Texas.”
Why I’m volunteering: I volunteer because I believe voting is one of the most effective and important ways to create change and help others. I’ve had an interest in politics since I was young, and I’ve always felt it’s a responsibility to encourage others to take part in democracy. Every vote matters!
Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 3

Raquel Romero, Director of People Operations

Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 4The B Corp community introduced me to the Center for Common Ground’s “Reclaim Our Vote” campaign, through which I (and a few friends) handwrote and mailed 390 postcards to voters in underrepresented communities in Georgia and Texas. These postcards provided information on early voting in order to avoid long lines on election day. 
Why I’m volunteering: Like so many others, I’ve been feeling anxiety about this upcoming election. I’ve found that the best way to combat this is to take action and feel like I’m making a small contribution toward a positive outcome. 

Erica Bender, Brand Partnerships Manager

I volunteered with VoteForward, a nonprofit organization where volunteers send handwritten letters to unregistered and low-propensity voters encouraging them to participate in our democracy. I adopted 40 voters from Florida and Ohio and attended “letter writing parties (virtually)” with other VoteForward volunteers
Why I’m volunteering: I’ve been volunteering because I want others to feel empowered to use their voice. It’s easy to think your vote doesn’t matter but we’re stronger together and we’re strongest when we vote. 
Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 5

Amanda Chun, Senior Social Impact Manager

Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 6This year, I served as a first time poll worker in the March California Primary Election, wrote postcards to Texas voters through Center for Common Ground’s Reclaim Our Vote campaign, volunteered with Fair Fight Action to text Georgia voters to encourage early voting, and met virtually with a close group of friends to review our ballot propositions and set our voting plans together.
Why I’m volunteering: I volunteer because I believe change starts at the individual level and voting gives everyone a chance to use their voice. It also helps me channel my pandemic stress into something productive!

Mariel Carroll, Product Designer

I have been more politically active this year than ever before. I focused my time canvassing for a friend who ran (and won!) for Fresno City Council, and I’ve spent more time canvassing and phone banking for other local candidates and issues in San Francisco that I care about. I’ve spent around 30 hours total on it! Hitting the pavement takes time! 
Why I’m volunteering: When everyone votes, we have a voice in the future. No one knows how to advocate for your needs better than you, and politics matters most at the local level. We can all help to create a better, more equitable community. 
Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 7

Alison Edwards, Customer Happiness Manager

Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 8This year, I volunteered as a poll worker in the March Primaries and decided to do it again for the general election. The days are long (about 16 hours!) but totally worth it. I’ve also spent about 24 hours writing hundreds of post cards to voters in key states where voter suppression is high, and several hours phone banking, which is new to me but has been very fun! 
Why I’m volunteering: I’ve been feeling anxious about the upcoming election knowing that so many issues are on the line for so many people. A successful democracy requires hard work and shouldn’t be taken for granted. I wanted to contribute in any way I could! 

Teresa Galido, Performance Marketing Manager

I am a member of a group of San Luis Obispo residents who have been writing “please vote” letters to inspire engagement and encourage registered voters to show up and ensure their voices are heard. I also co-wrote a California and National voter guide focused on LGBTQ+ issues with recommendations for all items on the current ballot. Lastly, the group that I organize with also co-sponsored a non-partisan voter registration rally.

Our letter writing group sent 1,575 letters in total, 14 hours of research into the voter guide resulted in 500+ local pageviews, and the voter registration rally was attended by 200 local residents.
Why I’m volunteering: I want to make sure that folks have a say in the laws and policies that affect them. Voting is the first step!
Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 9

Scott Everson, Co-Founder, CTO

Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 10I’ve spent about four hours visiting small businesses in my community and asking them to hang up posters for the “Your Vote” Campaign.  The posters are available in multiple languages, are non-partisan, and they simply remind people that their vote is their voice.  Every business I asked was willing to hang them! 
Why I’m volunteering: It is important to me that people are using the power of their vote to shape the future of the country/locality that we live in.   

Nina Pham, People Operations Associate

“I’ve spent two hours working with Vote Forward to write letters to people encouraging them to vote.”
Why I’m volunteering: “I am volunteering because I want to encourage people to take an active role in deciding on the current issues that are going to shape our future, and the best way to be heard on these issues is by voting.”
Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 11

Marlo Miller, People Operations Associate

Time to Vote with Giving Assistant Image 12Phone banking for a political candidate.
Every other weekend I spend 2 hours phone banking for a candidate who, if elected, will become the first Afro Latina elected to congress.
Why I’m volunteering: “I believe it is important to have the representatives making decisions on our behalf be reflective of the people they are serving demographically and culturally.”

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