by Christopher Penman, Marketing Intern

First, a brief history lesson. Father’s Day was founded by Sonora Dodd in 1910 to show appreciation for her Civil War-hero father, William Smart. He was a single father who raised six children alone. She showed her appreciation for his generosity by creating a national holiday for her hero. While you may be just a tad bit too busy raising six kids of your own to create a holiday to show your father the appreciation you think he deserves, you can still give back.

As an even youthier youth of America, presenting my dad with a gift on Father’s day was my way of showing him that I appreciated him happily driving me to school in the morning and even signing up for a fencing class with me when I showed interest in becoming a sword lunging lad. And although he was not a Civil War hero, I felt he deserved something in return for his help.

It is the small things that count.

If you are like me and received a liberal arts education by a liberal, liberal arts professor, you might feel a little jaded towards “holidays” like Father’s Day. Isn’t it just a bunch of Hallmark marketing scheme to get you to buy a hammer every year?! Well then, I am here to help you find the middle ground .

The Giving Assistant makes your sincere gift to dear ol’ dad even more genuine as a portion of your purchase made online goes to a charity of your choice. Here is a short list of one stop shop spots for the man that brought you into this world:

  • Does your dad rival the macho Brawny man? Check out Cabela’s Father’s Day Gift Guide for gifts that can catch fish to gifts that can grill fish. Up to 3% of your purchase will go to your cause
  • Does papa bear love sports? Get him a pair of tickets to his favorite sports team. With luck he will take you with him, that means he gets a gift, you get a gift, and a charity gets 12.5% your purchase–win/win/win situation.
  • Or does your pops cringe at such “brutish displays of heathenry”? Then maybe the latest and greatest gadget is for him. Up to $45 dollars can go to the cause of your choice.

The best part of purchasing from these retailers, as well as hundreds more, is that once your Giving Assistant is installed, a portion of your purchase will go to a cause selected by you! You can learn more and download the GlobalMojo Giving Assistant here here.