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Best Thank-You Gift Ideas For Your Boss (2021 Guide)

No matter the field or industry, there’s a time when you’ve bought Christmas or holiday gifts for your boss. These mandated gift-giving events are the cause of dread throughout the office as people strain their brains for gift ideas.

But what do you buy for the best boss in the world, the one that pushed for your raise or trusted you with a project that launched your career?

Before the fear sets in, take a look at this list of thank you gifts for bosses. These great gift ideas will make the perfect gifts or point you in the right direction.

Top 9 Best Thank You Gifts For Bosses in 2021

1. Flaviar Gift Set (for the Whiskey lover)

Flaviar Gift Set

Create an unforgettable gift for your Boss especially if he or she appreciates tasting spirits. Enjoy whiskey, bourbon, rye, vodka and more. Flaviar’s themed Tasting Boxes come with a carefully-selected array of drinks that showcase the flavor range of each category and make it even easier for your Boss to try even more. Flaviar has a unique and lengthy selection which makes it easy to find a gift for any spirit aficionado.

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2. Customized Business Electronics Accessories

Business electronics accessories
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Useful thank you gifts for your boss can fall flat, but this gift set is specifically designed for the hardworking business professional. It includes a rechargeable wireless mouse, micro USB and supporting flash drive, stylus ballpoint pen, a cable organizer and portable power bank.

It’s beautifully designed and can be customized with their name or a message. Personalized thank you gifts for bosses never fail to make an impression. 

3. Personalized Rosewood Single Wine Box Set with Tools

Wine box set
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Know for a fact they love wine? This is a good thank you gift for bosses who know their way around a bottle of wine. A silver plastic foil cutter, and a stainless steel stopper, corkscrew and decanting pourer are fitted into the lid’s foam underside and luxurious red satin lines the bottom of the gift box to transport a bottle safely.

To make this a truly a unique gift, choose from four design options to engrave their name on top of the box for free.

4. Wood Docking Station

Ash wood docking station
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Thank you gifts for female bosses can be the same as those for their male counterparts. This ash wood docking station is perfect next to the night stand or on their desk and has a built-in wireless charger for smartphones.

One of the best gifts for organization junkies, it can hold sunglasses, pens, watches and anything else they want to keep within in arm’s reach.

5. Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

Gift basket filled with goodies
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A gift basket is a great thank you gift for your boss that can help them refuel during a rough day or delight them at night. Five boxes filled with pretzels, caramels, cookies and popcorn are stacked to create a nice tower of kosher goodies – all wrapped in a bow.

Wonderful for Boss’s Day, it’s a cute thank you gift for bosses known to munch.

6. Watches Box Travel Case

Watches box
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Good thank you gift ideas for your boss can show how well you’ve paid attention to them.

For watch-loving bosses, this high-quality travel case will make an impact. It can hold up to 8 watches, bracelets or any small treasure they want to keep near at all times. With the padded leather divider and zippered closure, everything inside will remain safe from loss, dust or damage.

7. Boss Lady Gold Coffee Mug

Mug for boss lady
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Cute thank you gifts for boss ladies don’t get much more literal than this mug which says “boss lady” in large gold letters. Made from fine bone china, this 16 oz. mug has a handle embellished with real gold and the sides have real hand lettering.

Classy, chic and completely modern, she’ll know you think she’s a great boss. Simple, funny thank you gifts for bosses should not be underestimated.

8. Good Day, Bad Day

Good day bad day wine glass
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The best thank you gifts for your boss should bring a smile to their face. As long as you know their humor, this 11 oz. rocks glass will do the trick.

The perfect gift for Boss’s Day too, show your appreciation for them with this sly wink at their out-of-work activities. Etched into the glass are three markings indicating what kind of day they’re having. Even if they never use it, you can bet they’ll love displaying it. 

9. Ethel M Box of Chocolates

Ethel M Chocolates

Create your own personalized chocolate assortment just for your boss! Pick Up to 6 Varieties (24 Total Pieces), then Select Your Chocolate Flavors to create your own signature assortment. Each gift box contains 24 chocolates. Maybe if you are lucky, your boss with share with you.
Endless possibilities! Create a personalized chocolate assortment from over 30 chocolate varieties available.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Gift

Business etiquette rules don’t require that you ever buy a thank you gift for your boss (they do make more than you after all). But when it comes to telling a great boss how much you appreciate something they’ve done for you, you’ll want to make sure your gift reflects your gratitude.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you need a thank you gift for a good boss.

1. Give gifts reflecting your relationship with your boss

Even when saying thank you, there are some power dynamics at play when a gift is given. If you have a feeling that your gift will elicit a strange reaction, don’t buy one. Find thank you card ideas for bosses that you can hand to them instead.

It’s also wise to consider their temperament. Some bosses don’t want cute things that they may perceive as making them look weak, some have no humor and others may not like receiving expensive gifts.

2. Let your gift mirror your appreciation, not your paycheck

Earning a lot of money doesn’t mean that the gift you choose for a boss should cost a lot of money, especially when it’s a thank you gift.

Besides the fact that they’ll enjoy a more expensive gift if it were a group gift as opposed to an individual, saying thank you is not about one-upping them or paying off a debt. You are simply letting them know that their kindness, fairness or whatever else has touched you greatly.

3. Think outside the box

A gift card to their favorite restaurant is wonderful, but being a little more creative with your thank you gift can make it more memorable.

Donate to their favorite charity, get their dog a gift or buy them an office supply they seem to constantly run out of.

4. Choose gifts that offer versatility

It’s easy to believe that bosses don’t face the same pressure as the rest of the office, but that simply isn’t true. Good thank you gift ideas for your boss give them the choice of when and where they want to use it. Even the electronics gift set listed above can be used at home.

If they don’t like the thank you gift or simply haven’t gotten around to using it yet, giving them gifts that can be used in multiple settings will give you both peace of mind.

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