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Best Gifts for Gardeners (2021 Guide)

While there is no such thing as the “perfect gift”, thoughtful gifts that show you pay attention and care about what the other person’s interests are can go a very long way.

When you have a gardener in your life, you want to get them a gardening gift that is both useful to them in some way and shows a bit of a personal touch. We made this quick list and guide to help you find that special and unique gift for your favorite gardener.

The Best Gifts for Gardeners in 2021 

The following are great gift ideas for a friend or a loved one with a green thumb.

1. Fleur de Lis Hose Pot

Hose Pot

Basic but effective, this hose pot makes for a lovely and non-obvious staging spot for your hose. With this, you can have a hose centralized to your garden without taking away from the aesthetics of the space. The Fleur de Lis design on what appears to be an old ceramic planter provides for that old European Chateau look and it’s durable enough to become ancient in its own right.

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2. Garden Tool Set and Chair

Apollo Experienced gardener

Then no matter if you are buying for an experienced gardener or someone just getting started, ensuring they have the proper tools and ability to be comfortable while planting and weeding is important. The set contains pruners, a trowel, rake, gardening apron, as well as a foldable kneeler that makes for a versatile and comfortable outdoor seat or a kneeling pad. While it doesn’t contain a watering can, it does have room for a water bottle -so at least you can water yourself.

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3. Wind and Weather Garden Art

Garden art from Wine and Weather

A well-maintained gardener garden needs input from outsiders on what plants or tools to use, instead, you should perhaps focus on beautifying their space with them. Garden art from Wine and Weather provides a huge array of fantasy and traditional art to add that personalized flair. Seasonal options as well as fun and more modern options, like a handcrafted triceratops, are found alongside the less obvious and more classical looking garden frogs.

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4. Lighted LED Water Fountain

LED light and fountain

Modern isn’t always bad when it comes to gardening. This LED light and fountain set-up provides illumination and relaxing sounds for your outdoor escape. These fountains are lightweight and have a sleek cement look with beech wood legs supporting them.

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5. Magnolia Rain Gauge

Rain gauge rust resistant

Gardeners enjoy combining beauty and functionality, and this rain gauge is just that. An elegant combination of beauty and simple utility, this rain gauge displays a bronze-and verdigris-finished magnolia design with a cast aluminum glass gauge. This is rust-resistant, can deal with outdoor weathering, and will measure up to 8” of rainfall.

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6. Duncraft Bird Feeder

Rustic Farmhouse Squirrel Resistant Feeder page

Give the birds a place to go and enjoy the garden. Duncraft has a huge selection of modern and classic bird feeders and birdbaths in a wide range of sizes. A favorite is the Rustic Farmhouse Squirrel-Resistant Feeder that is a fun and cool way to feed the birds and fend away squirrels – it even has its own little faux corrugated roof.

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7. Goatskin Leather Gloves

Goatskin Leather Gloves

Amongst the most useful gardening tools are a good pair of gardening gloves. These goatskin leather gloves help one’s hands stay safe, clean, and comfy through a full day in the dirt and working with weeders and other tools. The Goatskin leather covers the palms and knuckles to give your hands very solid protection from thorns, pebbles and splinters.

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8. Garden Tower® 2

Garden Tower gardener

The Garden Tower is an advanced and very clever composting tower system that allows you to grow up to fifty plants, vegetables, or flowers and is a vertical soil-based alternative to expensive and difficult hydroponic and composter systems. Throw in kitchen scraps and you have a quick and efficient compost system for your herbs and veggies.

If your gardener is pressed for space, they will love this compact planting solution.

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9. Metal Arched Garden Arbor with Tree of Life Design

Metal Arch is laser cut

Another classic garden decoration is done with care and precision. This metal arch is laser-cut and specially made to augment the natural beauty of your garden space. Crafted from lightweight, sturdy tubular steel, this is a sculpture quality piece and is perfect for support vines or simply freestanding. Built-in ground stakes ensure that the arch stays secure even in rough weather.

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10. Zen Stone Lantern

LED Light pieces in Slotted Zen Stone Lantern

If the LED light pieces simply don’t fit the aesthetic of one’s garden and they must have the real feel of candles for special occasions, the Slotted Zen Stone Lantern is the perfect answer. Beautiful when lit up at night as well as practical and safe, these stone lanterns can turn any garden into a romantic escape at night -or a place of peace and quietude.

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A Guide to the Best Gifts for Gardeners 

  • Know the difference between houseplants and indoor plants and an outdoor garden, as well as the tools and supplies needed to make each one thrive. In many cases, the types of plants and the ways that they are cared for will vary dramatically. Houseplant supplies may not be as valid for someone growing tomatoes, and vice-versa.

For example, if you know that the gift recipient is trying to grow fresh herbs in an herb garden, then tools such as a moisture sensor, mister or durable stainless steel cultivator tool are great, but they are also something that you may not really need for a general houseplant.

  • If the green thumb you know lacks any more outdoor space, then a windowsill kit is a fantastic option. The larger ones will let you pull off a small group of heirloom veggies.
  • Plant subscriptions may seem like a good idea, but if your plant lover is good at caring for new plants, they will quickly be overwhelmed. However, if your plant lover is new to gardening or only has indoor space, then a Click & Grow plant subscription might be a decent option. Succulents require only low-light and minimal water and are good start plants as well.
  • If the garden is well-planned out and maintained, it is unlikely they will need new plant suggestions from you. In such cases, try to add accessories or tools that will benefit them. Gnomes, hummingbird feeders, plant markers, and garden stakes are all examples of gardening accessories you should consider. Whether these are good choices will depend on the garden and gardener in question. Plant markers, grow lights, even a quality garden stake may make for good gifts.

Get the Best Gifts for Gardeners Today! 

Whether you are looking for some simple stocking stuffers or some full-fledged garden tools, this list has plenty of options for you to choose from. Figure out just what garden situation they are working with, and then decide which one of these great items will suit them best! Luckily, every item on this list is ready for you to order today, so you can have something even if the big day is right around the corner.

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