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Best Gifts for Dogs (2021 Guide)

It is no secret that most of us have a great deal of affection for our canine companions. In fact, it is safe to say that most of us probably prefer our own dog to the average person when given a choice.

Well, when you love something so much, you want to spoil them from time to time. However, with such an oversaturated market, it can be hard to find good gifts that are durable, cost-effective, and actually enjoyed by dogs.

To help you out, we have complied what is considered by many to be amongst the best gifts for dogs you can buy today. In addition, we have also included a short set of tips to help you narrow down the options and make a perfect choice.

10 of the Best Gifts for Dogs in 2021

These are the gifts dog lovers should consider buying their four-legged companions. 

1. Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed

rectangular memory foam

The Frisco Orthopedic Lounger is a rectangular memory foam, machine-washable dog bed. It also has a modern design made specifically to keep your dog adequately supported in all kinds of positions. Whether seniors or puppies, help them snuggle up for a good snooze and feel better with an orthopedic bed. The removable cover is an excellent addition and allows you to keep the bed clean easily.

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2. Squeak ‘n Treat Ninja Star

good squeaky toys

Finding good squeaky toys can be surprisingly hard with so many mediocre options running around. This inexpensive PetSafe® squeaker allows you to put some tasty retreats into the chew toy, so they have some added motivation to keep chewing and moving. The material is made for even the toughest chewers.

The patented Treat Meter® and vanilla-scented rubber toy work very well together to get the dog super into the chewing and playing.

3. Chuckit Ball Launcher

high-quality dog toy

The Chuckit has always been a high-quality dog toy, but at this point, it has reached near-legendary status. Perhaps the most popular dog toy after a tennis ball, the Chuckit is the perfect addition to any outdoor play day. Simply stick the ball in the launcher, and even the worst thrower can launch balls as far as an NFL quarterback for the pup to chase after.

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4. Canvaspop Pet Portrait

Canvaspop Pet Portrait

Let Fido know how important he is! Get a beautiful pet portrait and memorialize the most lovable members of your family. With the Canvaspop Pet Portrait, you upload a photo and then customize the type of display you want to accompany the image. Professional designers will go in and enhance the picture to fit the perfect canvas print. Soon you will have a beautiful keepsake of your pet!

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5. King Kalm Pet CBD Crunch

CBD dog treats

While CBD options shouldn’t replace your favorite treats, adding a few CBD dog treats is a great way to help older dogs with inflammation and joint issues eat and live more happily and healthily. These treats will also help dogs with stomach issues keep a more hearty appetite. Try out a small bag and you may just see a clear improvement in your pup’s energy and hunger levels.

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6. Wysong Pet Health Package

Wysong packages

The Wysong packages are an awesome way for dog owners to put together personalized packages of pet food, treats, and health supplements. Choose from a huge selection of food and health options and make sure your dog has absolutely everything they need and want.

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7. PetCube


PETCUBE CAM is a highly affordable pet camera with great resolution reliability, and a built-in vet chat. This is the perfect gift for both you and the dog and will help you keep peace of mind when away from the home.

The advanced dog camera options include a treat dispenser and voice chat option so you can interact with the dog from anywhere. (Cat options for the gadget include a laser pointer which is a great idea as well.)

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8. Variety Pack Wet Dog Food Pouches

Pooch Pouch party

The Pooch Pouch party is a great option for true doggy gift ideas. Give your furry companion a whole new reason to get excited at feeding time with delicious toppers. Just throw the topper over their typical meals and watch them go crazy for the new healthy flavors.

9. Outward Hound DayPak for Dogs

backpack for dogs

This backpack for dogs we found at Chewy sits very comfortably on the pupper, gives you the ability to store poop bags and other items with the dog, plus the leash can be attached directly to it – so it’s easy to use as a harness rather than a dog collar.

This is a great option for when you want to do some outdoor trekking with your dog, and in case of an emergency put an alarm or GPS device in the bag so you can locate your pup if he gets lost.

10. BarkBox Monthly Gifts


BarkBox is a fun way to get gifts for dogs delivered to your door each month. Gifts and surprises can include bully sticks, a tennis ball, and even a water bottle – there are multiple themes to choose from and seasonal deals and fun limited prizes are also available.

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A Guide to the Best Gifts for Dogs 

We all want to buy the best gift for the best dog in our life. Here are few things to consider when trying to come up with a doggy gift.

  • While some decent chewers or stuffers and a smear of peanut butter will make most dogs happy as can be, a good dog mom or dad will also want to stimulate their brains and keep them trying new things. Finding Christmas gifts for dogs should entail a nice mix of simple treats and new attempts at fun.
  • Remember a bandana or bow tie for a small dog is a gift for you, not for them. He would much prefer some home-made chicken and rice balls, or a new chew toy. While getting things for the dog you enjoy is fun, make sure you occasionally get them something they can enjoy.
  • Some classic toys and dog treats, like tennis balls or rawhide, can actually be unhealthy if not specially made. Don’t assume that items are safe or good for dogs, try and focus on specially made treats and toys that take dogs’ unique nature and health into question.

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