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Best Gifts For Daycare Teachers (2021 Guide)

The holidays are coming and you want to give more than gift cards to daycare teachers that you know. They do such a great job taking care of your kids that you want to make sure that they get an appreciation gift that they’ll love.

Our guide is full of perfect gift ideas that you can use for any daycare, preschool, or even elementary school teacher that you you want to show appreciation for. Take a look at our top gifts for daycare teachers.

Top 7 Best Gift Ideas for Daycare Teachers in 2021

1. Touches A Life Personalized Teacher Canvas Tote Bag- 14″ x 10″

Cotton canvas bag

Daycare teachers all over the world need tote bags so that they can carry everything. By the end of the year, these bags are getting full and they’re likely trying to make sure that they can hold up. This particular bag is made from canvas and designed to last a long time.

The cotton canvas bag with natural straps is highlighted by colorful children’s handprints that underscore a message capturing the impact that teachers have. It has multiple compartments so that your favorite teacher can stay organized and ready to go every single day.

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2. Teacher Bag Clips

Giant clothespin style clip

How cute are these clever bag clips? Filled with bright and beautiful flower designs done in more colors than a child care provider sees in a box of crayons, these giant clothespin style clips also have a magnet on the back, so you can place them on the fridge as well.

These clips aren’t just for teachers, even though they have teacher quotes on them. Babysitters and other professionals who work with kids on a regular basis can be inspired by the quotes on these fun and beautiful clips.

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3. Prayer for a Teacher Mug & Coaster

Coffee mug and coaster set

Your 3 year old may not realize just how important an educator is in their life – but you do, and that’s why this holiday gift is a lovely way to let them know that.

The coffee mug and coaster set features the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 15:58, and lets a teacher know that you are praying for them and how they care for children day in and day out. It’ll help them get the coffee they need and the inspiration they want to keep loving and encouraging their students.

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4. It Takes a Big Heart to Teach Little Minds Charm Keychain

Daycare worker Keychain

We all know that daycare workers and other teachers have to have really big hearts in order to play their role in children’s lives. This keychain is for the best teacher in your child’s life, and it says “It takes a big heart to teach little minds”.

The keychain features a heart charm, a ruler charm, and a crayon charm, all made from zinc alloy with a silver tone. The message is written on the heart and is easy to read and see. A great Christmas or end of year gift, it will make any teacher full of joy every time they go to use their keys.

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5. Seeds of Knowledge Personalized Teacher Flower Pot- Red

Weather resistant seeds

Your child’s teacher is a big part of their life, one of their primary caregivers and mentors. So, this weather resistant seeds of knowledge flower pot is a beautiful reminder of how teachers help children to grow and thrive.

You can choose between four different teacher quotes on the bottom base, and it can then be custom etched with the name of the special teacher on the top of it. With its bright red color this pot makes a perfect teacher Christmas gift, especially when planted with a holiday flower like a poinsettia or amaryllis.

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6. Because Preschoolers Wine Glass

Wine glass "Because Preschoolers"

As daycare providers go back to school (or get over last year), they’re probably in need of more ways to relax in the evenings. That’s why this “Because Preschoolers” wine glass is one of the best gifts that you can give your favorite preschool professional.

These wine glasses are standard size and have all sorts of funny thoughts on them. You can also personalize it with the name of the teacher, so that everyone at home knows that it’s their wine glass to enjoy.

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7. Preschool Teacher Cloth Face Mask

Adjusted cloth face mask

As a preschool teacher, it can be hard to ensure that everyone is wearing a mask and being safe. But, having a good mask that reminds the world of what you do is a fun way to prevent the spread of the virus. The preschool design features multicolored handprints on a “lined paper” background.

This mask has ear loops that can be adjusted and an interior slot so that a disposable mask or filter can be maneuvered inside of it. There is also a nose wire so that this gift for teachers can be sized correctly.

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Finding Top Gifts for Daycare and Preschool Teachers

Don’t just give on holidays

The fact is, daycare teacher gifts should happen all year long; even if it’s just a lotion you got from the store or a Starbucks gift card so that they can keep going with their favorite coffee drinks. They work hard, so let them know how much you appreciate them and their efforts.

Encouragement is important

Daycare teachers and their helpers have a high rate of turnover, so you need to be sure that you are doing your best to encourage them with whatever thank you gifts you give. Put together a DIY gift basket filled with baked goods or other goodies for the break room or a gift certificate for a local spa day – gifts that give them a boost and help them to keep going will be much appreciated.

Try to be practical

Have you noticed that teachers are always bringing in a disposable cup for their coffee? Get them a tumbler or two that they can take to their favorite coffee shop. Do they need more school supplies? Give them a hand! The more practical the gifts are, the better off that everyone will be.

You’ve Got Lots of Great Gift Choices for Daycare Teachers

As you shop for Christmas gifts or other holiday gifts, you want to be sure that you keep the teachers and what they’re doing in mind. That makes it much easier to get the best gifts possible for them.

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