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Best Funny Teacher Gifts (2021 Guide)

Think about the best teachers that you’ve worked with in your lifetime. Weren’t most of them teachers that could take a joke? So, what are great gift ideas for a teacher like that?

If you’ve been looking for a funny teacher gift that could bring a smile to their faces, we hope you’ll take a look at the gifts that we’ve included in this gift guide.

Top 7 Best Funny Teacher Gifts in 2021

1. I Drink Because… Personalized Teacher 21oz. Stemless Wine Glass

Stemless teacher wine glass

When back to school time comes, all of the teachers you know are starting to feel the crunch. That’s why, these “I drink because” stemless wine glasses are the perfect gift for a teacher who just wants to try and relax at the end of the day.

You can get the glasses customized with whatever it is that you want it to say – lesson plans, high school students, or whatever else you can think of. Pair it with a bottle of wine to bring a teacher a big smile. You can have the text done in a variety of colors, too.

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2. Back to School Edible Art Marshmallows

Silly edible art marshmallows

If you’re thinking that you want to get a unique gift for teachers, then these silly edible art marshmallows are going to fit the bill perfectly.

The marshmallows are handmade by the Vintage Collections company and come in a package of 12. They feature all sorts of fun back to school art on the top, and it will make every teacher on your gift giving list smile!

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3. Personalized Teacher with Apple Round Sign

Personalized apple sign

Every female or male teacher teaching during the COVID pandemic is an awesome teacher, and it can be hard to make a virtual classroom feel like the real thing. This personalized apple sign is a cute way to make any home office feel like a classroom.

The funny sign helps teachers to make the best of the school year. You can customize is with 2 lines of text, which you can make as funny or serious as you wish – it’s up to you! Your favorite teacher will appreciate the laugh it provides.

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4. Does This Bag Make My Papers Look Graded? Tote

Classic tote bag

Everyone knows a science or math teacher that is always going around with tons of papers in their tote bag. Why not give them the ultimate teacher gift – and a big laugh as well?

This classic tote is a hilarious thank you gift that expresses the feeling every teacher has – that their papers should be magically graded at the drop of a hat! This earth friendly tote is the perfect gift for a teacher that always needs one more tote bag.

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5. Being a Teacher is Easy Except Everything is on Fire coffee mug

Funny coffee mug

Every student has a favorite teacher that they know deals with a lot of stuff day in and day out. What better way to represent that endless cycle with a funny coffee mug that sarcastically reminds them of it every day?

Made of durable ceramic, the 11 ounce ceramic mug is designed for both hot and cold beverages and has a high gloss, premium white finish that helps it to last years and years. It’s both microwave and dishwasher safe, and the art is vibrant and hilarious.

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6. Teachers are Magical Pullover

Magical unicorn pullover

A t-shirt, pullover, or hoodie is something that every educator needs. This particular pullover reminds educators that they, in fact, do have superpowers and perform magic. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to do the things that they do every single day!

This particular pullover features a magical unicorn made from a pencil horn, an apple, and textbooks. If you are in need of a teacher appreciation gift that will give teachers a grin, this is definitely the design to help you do that.

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7. I’m Silently Correcting your Grammar Cat Mug

Hilarious mug

Need a Christmas gift? This one is a bestseller among English teachers and college professors alike. The hilarious mug features a smug cat, proclaiming the fact that he is judging all of your grammar as you write or speak it.

The goofy coffee cup holds 11 ounces of liquid and is an incredibly fun gift for any teacher that knows the pain of trying to correct grammar and syntax for any and every grade level.

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How to Buy the Best Funny Teacher Gifts

Know your audience

Getting a teacher gift for your kid’s teacher is a little different than getting your best friend a birthday gift. Even with funny gifts, you want to try to look for items that a school teacher would like. Getting items that are going to be useful is always a good idea, even if it’s just a teacher coffee mug, a tote bag or a stemless wine glass set etched with a humorous teacher-related phrase.

Be appropriate

Jokes about the “tears of my students” or “using my teacher voice” are totally appropriate for retirement gifts or teachers at the high school level or higher – but not for elementary or preschool teachers. Don’t get them anything that has a dirty joke on it, or that is going to need to be explained to a family member or student. Be appropriate while being funny – it’s possible!

Look for high quality materials

A lot of “joke” gifts are made from cheap materials – but they don’t need to be. Look for items made from materials like zinc alloy, stainless steel or ceramic. If you get a travel mug, for instance, make sure that it has good insulation, and so on.

Be deliberate

As you consider the funny teacher gifts you want to choose from, look around on sites like Amazon and Etsy to see what teacher gift ideas are the most popular, then do further research using those as base ideas. That way, when you give your holiday or end-of-year gift, you can be sure that you’ve found something that they’ll likely enjoy. Also keep in mind that personalized gifts or ones that have a DIY aspect to them will stand out.

Making Your Favorite Teachers Laugh

Whether you’re giving teacher appreciation gifts to a nerd or a “cool guy”, there is a lot of fun to be had in gift giving. Look at what you can find in the best gifts and then pick some funny teacher gifts that are sure to get a guffaw out of them.

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