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Best Funny Housewarming Gifts (2021 Guide)

Nothing good can ever happen in a home devoid of humor, just the very slow passing of time. If that’s not the way you want your friend or loved one to live, funny housewarming gifts definitely set them up for a great start in their new home or apartment.

At the next housewarming party you attend, these funny housewarming gift ideas will keep things light and airy and, most importantly, they will make the recipient laugh.

No matter which you choose, it will warm the home of the recipient and put a smile on their face.

The Best Funny Housewarming Gift Ideas in 2021

1. Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holder in gothic statue

This loyal knight is here to serve his majesty on their throne. High quality, the Gothic statue is hand-cast, using crushed stone and has been designed with very lifelike details.

Funny housewarming gifts for guys and ladies who fancy themselves to be royalty are hard to find, so this toilet paper holder will really be appreciated by the king of a new home or apartment.

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2. Novelty Décor / Champagne Chiller

Wine or champagne chiller

This 20 inch wine glass works great as a novelty decoration; just sit it in the middle of a dinner table and fill it with flowers, pebbles or small houseplants.

For the woman who loves a drink to unwind, cool housewarming gifts for her will streamline her ritual. She can fill it with ice and use it to chill wine or champagne. As far as funny housewarming gifts go, it can’t get much more meta than this one.

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3. Welcome Mat

Doormat made from coconut husks

Need cool housewarming gifts for guys that they’ll actually use? Look no further than this “Come Back with a Warrant” welcome mat that will leave everyone with a hilarious first impression. Made from coconut husks, it is strong and durable, keeping dirt, snow and mud from reaching the floors.

A great touch to a new home, this doormat makes a great housewarming gift, putting a smile on the face of every visitor before they even ring the doorbell.

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4. Dramatic Bookends

Books tilt on the bookends

Your boyfriend can be weighed down by his many thoughts, so cool housewarming gifts for him that know a thing or two about the burden of consciousness should make an impression.

Books tilt on the bookends, giving the appearance that they will fall on the silhouetted figure below – knowledge is heavy after all. They are seriously cute housewarming gifts for your boyfriend that they’d never find on their own.

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5. Bug/Insect Vacuum

Bug vacuum that rid of bugs in the house

Funny housewarming gifts like this bug vacuum make cute housewarming gifts for friends that you know hate anything that crawls, but believe in non-violence.

Finally solving that moral dilemma of getting rid of bugs in the house without having to feel bad about killing them, the vacuum lets them safely catch creep crawly things at a distance and release them into the outdoors. Battery operated, it can safely suck up spiders, flies, bees and more – but hopefully not more!

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6. Bath & Shower Drink Holder

Cup Holder that can hold wine glasses

Never hold a drink again in the bathroom! This cup holder can hold wine glasses, beer cans and coffee mugs. This is such a cool housewarming gift for young couples, you may want to buy one for each person.

New homeowners have moved up in the world and a housewarming gift should reflect their new status. This bathtub cup holder removes the chance of spilled alcohol while they’re in the bath or shower, because spilled bubbly is for common folk who hold stemware with their hands.

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7. Suspended Wine Rack

Wine holder

Need funny housewarming gifts for guys and girls that love magic and wine? Probably not, but this wine holder still falls under the best funny housewarming gift ideas.

Designed with a lovely red ribbon shape, it looks as if a bottle is being magically suspended in the air. It makes for a stunning piece of home décor in a living room and is going to be a conversation starter.

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Giving Funny Housewarming Gifts: A Guide

Funny housewarming gifts are a creative and amusing way to share your wit and humor with others, but it can sometimes be a little tricky to know whether or not you are getting the right gift for the right person.

It’s already hard enough to find a great gift for someone; finding a funny one is unsurprisingly a bit more difficult for many people. The best funny housewarming gifts are supposed to get laughs but also appeal to the person’s sense of humor who’s receiving it, which doesn’t always happen.

With a few easy-to-follow guidelines, you can guarantee that the funny housewarming gift you choose is going to be a hit.

Meaningful Connection

The right kind of funny gift is going to hold a personal message for the person receiving it. Even if no one else gets why it’s funny, they should.

Think about a funny time something happened between the two of you, an inside joke or something hilarious from their past that you’ve been sworn to secrecy about. Take for example someone who is always getting lost – getting them a framed city map may really tickle them!

Connecting funny housewarming gifts to their private or professional life gives it that much more meaning and enjoyment every time they see it.

Know the Person Well

Different humor for different folks is the motto here. While you may give something that’s just a hoot to one friend, another friend of yours may appreciate more subtle humor. The goal is never to offend or be mean-spirited, so avoid gifts that seem to poke at insecurities or provide unwanted criticism.

This is where knowing the person comes in handy. You know what’s crossing the line or what one person doesn’t joke about – ever. A housewarming gift is a way to celebrate a huge accomplishment, so don’t be a party pooper.

A Right Place and a Right Time

Please don’t give them a gift that brings up questions they don’t want to give answers to if they are in a room full of their coworkers, family or small children. Raunchier housewarming gifts may be better suited for a friend-only night or a one-on-one hangout.

You don’t want to embarrass or upset anyone you love at a happy occasion.


Funny housewarming gifts are great to receive, so think about how to bring a smile to a friend or loved one’s face and decorate their houses at the same time for a gift they’re sure to love.